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Line 6 Gearbox Plugin
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barKer    Said...

hi, Thanks for your cool reviews!

how 'bout bringing a REAL guitarist to demo the guitar stuff??

23-Apr-07 05:17 AM

Nick    Said...

Thats a little harsh on Dave, he is a fine guitarist, but was just doing his usual modest thing.

23-Apr-07 08:41 AM

barKer    Said...

sorry, didn't mean to be harsh... but i couldn't get a decent glance of the guitar gear and its sounds from: "JC-120!" *plays E major* "Marshall JCM 800!" *plays A minor* etc... also, saying things about sound ("colorful bright sounds", "a cool feature...that sounds really good", "you can have: da da da da or dadaa dada.."*while speaking of a delay pedal*) doesn't mean a thing, at least i don't get it.

bottom line: speak less (give us just the technical stuff) and play more!

and again: nothing personal against Dave, he looks like a cool dude and a real musician, its just my personal POV.

thanks B

24-Apr-07 03:51 AM

Andy    Said...

Too much tech-info for me..... i would think that most people ( including me ) jst want to hear you play it thru different amp/stompbox settings... a bit of soloing and a bit of them chord-changes.....

30-Apr-07 08:20 AM

Chris    Said...

I've been looking for a decent review of this product and guys this has been the BEST one so far!


30-Apr-07 10:49 AM

Carl    Said...

I thought it was a great review and Line 6 is well known for their great modeling of all sorts of amps and stompboxes as can be seen in this review. I liked it. Thanx for your awesome reviews Sonic State!!!

08-Jul-07 05:48 PM

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