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Mackie HR624 MK2 Studio Monitors
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mackoid    Said...

Nice work, I'd definitely give them a listen

30-Jun-07 02:43 PM

Carl    Said...

Great review once again. I like how you guys have a great unbiased look on everything and I mean I guess for it to be a worthwhile review it has to be unbiased lol. So great review, very informative, and keep up the good work!

11-Jul-07 10:27 PM


good review. one thing to note is that the acoustic space feature is not new to mackie monitors with this model. i have the same thing on the HR824s i bought 8-9 years ago. i'm sure some people have a use for it, but i've never been crazy about it. it seems to me to be cutting out too much low-mid on anything but the open space setting, which imo tends to defeat the purpose of a near-flat response. putting them right on the desk will smear the bass a bit anyway. i think it's easier just to get used to your listening environment and know that you're getting slightly exaggerated bass.

tell david what he played sounds tight, and to get some sleep! :)

28-Jul-07 08:34 AM

Jack    Said...

What happened ? this videos is not longer available?

08-Sep-08 03:13 PM

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