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Sonic Labs: Dexter Multi-Touch DAW Control
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Andre    Said...

Damn! Why did you have to post this? I probably need to go out and buy this thing now :-p

01-Sep-07 12:32 AM

RedWalks    Said...

Perhaps next episode ??? Hope its in production Nick because I`d like to see the Lemur working with Live 6.0 or maybe Reason.


07-Sep-07 10:15 AM

Nick    Said...

RedWalks, as far as I understand, Reason and Live are not the same DAW structure, so the Dexter is not as snug a fit as it would be with Logic, Cubase et al.

Jazz Mutant are aware that they need to expand the team of compatible software though and are working on software upgrades

12-Sep-07 04:16 PM

phraggle    Said...

Wow - this thing looks incredible. If they manage to get instruments working in it, I think I'd have to look at investing in one.

25-Oct-07 06:56 PM

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