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SonicLab: Edirol R-09HR Portable Recorder First Look
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dolf    Said...

that could've all been conveyed in half the time. I can't believe people bother to make such elaborate review presentations for some corporation's products. can't seem to escape advertising.

09-Apr-08 09:11 AM

Absolutsound    Said...

agreed !!! This is such a shame ;o)

I like my Tascam HD-P2 better

11-Apr-08 10:43 PM

Anton A Tongue    Said...

cxb you are vermin

dolf... "conveyed in half the time" What's your hurry? I really enjoyed this review presentation. The guy knows his stuff and said what he liked and didn't like about the product in a concise, articulate, and personable and way. I don't recall any ums and ahs. Good job!

"can't seem to escape advertising" Advertising is concerned with persuasion. Publicity presents information (or, at least, the product name). Reviews may try to be persuasive if the reviewer likes the product. A review can't help but mention the product name. Not all reviews are necessarily advertorials. In this instance you are making a false accusation.

The review ends by suggesting that needs may be better served by a cell phone! The reviewer criticizes the the placement of the headphone jack and new design of battery compartment. He also completely misses the point of the remoter controller. The location of the recorder and the recordist can easily be distant, especially if the recorder is placed overhead. And with an RC you can be sure there is no handling noise.

With its sampling rate, big screen, monitor speaker, and rubberized body, the R-09HR is a pretty refined piece of kit. It's a pity that it looks so gross.

One thing I would like from recorder reviews is a "recording-silence test" that could give some idea of self noise from the mics and the circuitry inside the unit.

01-May-08 07:45 PM

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18-May-08 08:55 AM

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