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Sonic LAB: Korg DS-10 Music In Your Pocket
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Alex    Said...

enjoy the silence

13-Sep-08 01:22 PM

Hidden Driveways    Said...

Will not, can not, must not buy video game stuff.

Good review though!

15-Sep-08 12:53 PM

EQ    Said...

awesome post.

actually it seems like KORG DS-10 is schedule to come out in October in the US.

16-Sep-08 05:35 PM

Jordaan    Said...

Excellent review, one of the best I've seen so far on this site. Bravo!

18-Sep-08 12:24 AM

flux302    Said...

so whats the chance of midi control via wifi on it? I've got a copy on preorder with amazon now. also check out jam sessions for ds

19-Sep-08 09:17 PM

flux302    Said...

I already pre-ordered a U.S. copy of this over at amazon!

26-Sep-08 12:05 PM

Walter    Said...

@Alex: actually, the song is called "Stripped" :-P

12-Oct-08 04:19 AM

midistickist    Said...

See my DS-10 song at youtube or

29-Jan-09 01:33 PM

midistickist    Said...

See my DS-10 song at youtube or

29-Jan-09 01:33 PM

Rutger "DS-10 Dominator" Muller    Said...

Great review. Ace software. Check my 100% Korg DS-10 Dancefloor ready album @ (free download / stream)

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