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M-Audio BX5a Deluxe - Worthy Successors?
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Scott    Said...

I liked your round-up of the competition in the same price bracket at the end of the review. I am fascinated to watch everyone happy to gulp down products in this category, but choke at what I am about to suggest. I have made some careful comparison of speakers around this price and if you have a power amplifier (many people do) checking out some of the passive bookshelf speakers in a similar price range can give you better results. For example the B&W 686 or 685 (for just one example).

08-Jan-09 04:38 AM

Enthused in Maryland    Said...

You were mentioning the HF or LF level parameters or bass rolloff that a user might need for pairing the BX5a Deluxe with a sub unit. Could you explain the disadvantages of not having the bass rolloff? Is there any real difference other than sound quality maybe?

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