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Future Retro 777
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Vidar Johansen    Said...

OK. AWESOME! Kind of limited in one way, but if you learn to use it right it´s one of the most exciting monosynths you can come across. There are wild smoothness in the filter/modulation section and it has a few functions which I have never seen in any other analogue synth, maybe best comparable to mks-80/jupiter´s X-MOD. Its solid stuff, and you get even more surprised when you discover the "hidden" soundshaping possibilities it has. I can tell ya, I had a bass-loop going and suddenly i found the spots and got THAT INSANELY FAT groove and by twisting the cutoff knob up and down in sync with the loop, the coolest bassdrum (accent) came out of it. Lovely!

16-Feb-08 10:28 PM

ali    Said...

i need lvl up 50

03-Aug-08 02:04 PM

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