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Magix Music Studio 7.0
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hmooa    Said...

that is really a good program

26-Aug-07 10:26 AM


I was mislead into buying a magix studio program, and had to buy a new computer to make it work, Also I would not buy a program where I have to disable the cookies, which invites all their -friends- into to crash it. is there an inboard metronome HAPPY NEW YEAR.

31-Dec-07 05:12 PM

a from the manch of g    Said...

i have the audio studio 2004 edition (4.0) and i think it works really well

04-Jan-08 08:19 PM

Mushu, DJ to be    Said...

I got MAGIX with a midi cable puchase that was made for an early birthday present.

I Got to say that I was blown away.

The interface reminded me a lot of ACID, SONY's music editing software.

And MAGIX midi studio is not just limited to midis, it can do audio files mixed to MP3's as well!

As a familiar to ACID, the interface came naturally to me.

The studio controls my keyboard fantastically, although my keyboard is limited to four channels ( >_< stupid CTK-533.)

The virtual instrument sounds are actually determined by your computer's sound card, and so only sounds good with good cards.

The audio loops make it easy to make a mix to suit your style, talk about digital DJ.

The only con is that in the monitor, there is only a hard drive access indicator.

Audio studio is also awesome, although I am not fully familiar with it, but from what I have seen, it is LOADED with functions, and is almost pro-level quality.

In my scale of Blue to Red (red being the worst,) it is definately worth the blue CD it came on.

26-Mar-08 07:40 AM

Mushu, DJ to be    Said...

To be exact, the blue CD was a software package that is a standard for MIDI keyboards, but the product version I have is good enough for me!

26-Mar-08 07:45 AM

James    Said...

Music studio 7 has found its way onto my computer via the Magix audio cleaning lab. Windows cannot open the files to uninstall it. please advise me how to do so. E-mail

05-Oct-09 01:17 PM

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