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Behringer BCF-2000 MIDI Controller
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Everyone thinks that the BCR and BCF can send Sysex only on the buttons . Not true. The BCR and the BCF2000 can send Sysex messages with the rotary encoders and faders. Go to and look for the editors (Birdy Editor and the Script editor) and post a message if you need help.

25-May-07 08:52 AM

g-lo    Said...

If you are trying to get the BCF2000 by Behringer to hook up with your copy of Logic Express 7.2 please check out my How-To post at:

Ultimately it's a great piece of gear with bad documentation, par for the course with Behringer.

But if you can suffer through you'll get a great mix with the Behringer BCF2000 and Logic Express.

16-Jun-07 09:43 PM

qili    Said...

18-May-08 08:26 PM

wekqrt    Said...

14-Jun-08 07:08 AM

flux302    Said...

is it wrong to grip about it not having dedicated transport controls? I'm about to buy an m-audio projectmix just for it's control surface (though i do need an I/o with 8 trs inputs and adat also, but i hear the PM has bad pre's) it would be great to have somthen at this price point that also had transport (not just 4 lil unamed buttons.)

25-Oct-08 01:29 AM

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