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bazza from ayr writes:
the hdd is noisy when recordin acoustic tracks but i havent got a drive or cd rw yet so i always have to delete my tunes

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Thursday, 13-Feb-03 at 11:35
bazza a hobbyist user from ayr writes:
the only problem is the hard drive space 2.1GB can any one recomend is it better to go for a cd rw or a external drive

posted Thursday, 13-Feb-03 at 11:29
John a part-timer user from USA writes:
As others said, this recorder is a very user friendly unit. The Fx section covers large number of useful fx you can find from much more expensive Fx unit that cost about twice of the D16. Bouncing is so easy and flexible, and after some final effect added, the streo sound is very rich. I have original 2.1GB hard drive with O.S.1.0 that has been upgraded to 3.1 O.S. with 20GB Hitachi hard drive (No more noise problem!!! Sooooo Quite!!!) last year. It has been a good investment for me to upgrade to have 9+ hour recording capability. I use Yamaha 8424 SCSI CDRW (internal drive installed in an old NEC SCSI Case.) for CD mastering, and it never gave me any troubles. If you are planning to have a digital recorder for your demo, or home recording, or even small project this is your choice. You can pick one up from e-bay aroud $600. Hard drive is about $60 - $110, and OS upgrade is free. I posted the user group's address in main page, so you can check it out for upgrade procedure.

Only bad part of this recorder is missing 48V power supply for condencer microphones, but if you get an ART Tube series premp, (make sure you set max gain and level at the preamp, and minimum gain on the D16 channel input level for quite and clean sound - because D16 is only missing 48V power supply and preamp is still there.) you can record good clean voice as well. The whole system cost me just about $1K, and I know that I have a better system than it would cost me three times more. If you can find one, get one!!!

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Monday, 06-Jan-03 at 14:25
James from England writes:
Its nice to hear all these favourable reviews of the mighty Korg D16.It really is something else Its so good. Ive had several multitracks which have all been easy to operate but this is by far the best its not just simplistic in operation its a real joy to use,Its filled with many features that actually get used the fx are quick to install and rewarding to use.I personally like the input stages I dint find them noisy infact they sound rather expensive.Very important as a lot of studios in this price area fall down in this area.The touch screen is no gimmick just speeds up the operation leaving all the time to do the important stuff like playing/recording.I dont think you can get a simpler recording procedure.Soundwise it has a great warm bottom end and as most digital systems go it has a lot of clarity and presence in the upper registers.I havent tried the 24 bit mode no need Im more than pleased with the16 bit standard mode.It has lots of interfacing potential including scsi as standard with optical out.I really can't endorse it enough.Super Korg!!!

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 13-Nov-02 at 22:6
Keith a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I really needed something to get my thoughts down and in this day and age using a cassette deck just seemed way too limited from the get go. After doing much research on digital recording (both DAW & PC software) the Korg D16 just seemed to have the right features for the right price (I bought mine used from eBay at about half the current new price). For the price you can get one used, I just don't think you could hope to find a better solution to your recording needs. The D16 is a LAPTOP STUDIO--literally--I set mine on my lap while I am playing keyboards, and everything I need is right within easy reach.

Yes, it does have limitations, such as limited harddrive space (especially if you have the older version with the 2.1 GB drive instead of the 6 GB drive), but most of these limitations can be worked around. I immediately purchased a Jaz drive to use with the D16 because you can use it just like a harddrive. Record you song(s) track(s) and dump them to a Jaz, CD-RW, or external SCSI harddrive, and then clear out the internal drive for the next song to record. Even with the 2.1 GB harddrive, you should be able to use the D16 to record a full session without needing the external devices. If you have a CD-RW, you can also master your own CDs!

The touch panel makes this the most intuitive recorder on the market--period. I tried most of the big names, including some of the $3000+ models and none were even close to the D16 in user friendliness. And most didn't offer significantly better, or more, functions than the D16 did.

On the down side the inputs can be noisy and the internal harddrive is certainly always noisy, but liveable for most applications. The biggest downer is that the S/PDIF connections can't be used for ADAT which is a shame since Korg was so close on that one. This will limit it's ability to grow with you if you need to add more multi-tracking capability as your requirements grow.

Software upgrades are a breeze if you follow Korg's instructions specifically (go to and type "d16" in the search box). Don't even bother with the rest of Korg's website because it is no help. There are no user groups or any other kind of help other than the software and manual downloads.

Never mind the limitations, if you need a notebook for your music ideas the Korg is the perfect choice for a very modest price. Plus, you can also use it and it's effects to make a decent master CD: one at least as good as most small commercial studios would produce (i.e. demos and promo recordings).

Conclusion: very nice for the price!

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Friday, 19-Apr-02 at 1:29
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