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Hugh a Professional user from USA writes:
> recommend a better soundcard?

The best PCI cards out there are the Digital Audio Labs offerings. If you want perfection and have the $$$ go for the motu 2408III or the Digi002.

posted Friday, 22-Oct-04 at 9:54
Sinparar a part-timer user from Mexico writes:
Oh, man. I've been getting more nad more into software. I am (was) an analog devotee, but with programs like Sonar 4, it's increasingly difficult to shy away from this realm. I have a bunch of different systems, ALL of which sonar can handle-- dxi, vst, and rewire devices. good lord, thanks cakewalk dudes. i do have some issues with clipping/ remnants, but his is probably because I'm using an old creative soundblaster. anyone want to recommend a better soundcard?

posted Thursday, 21-Oct-04 at 11:32
mini me (again) writes:
'USB hub', sorry.

I am an idiot.

posted Friday, 15-Feb-02 at 12:59
mini me writes:
angry - don`t use a midi hub. I`m guessing you have to for whatever reason, but they can casue all sorts of probs.

That said, my midi hub works fine with logic :)

posted Friday, 15-Feb-02 at 12:57
Bee1 a part-timer user from France writes:
ive worked quite a bit on Logic, Cubase and Nuendo, and own them all. SONAR beat them all for ease of use and "usability". And it's stable too. What I mean is that you can have the best features in the world, if the overall timing aint perfect, or if you cant compensate MIDI lags, or if it crashes every 2 hours, well, there's no way you gonna get the work done : your precious inspiration ends up drowning in blue screens. I sure hate to have my $$$ Nuendo collecting dust on a shelf, but honestly SONAR is a better tool - I defintely need tight drums ya know. I only miss the key command flexibility from Nuendo.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 13-Feb-02 at 19:21
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