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keith a hobbyist user from Canada writes:
revival of a dead review or what? lol

I picked up a 5 year old quattro for $50...took about an hour to get it all up and running with sonar 6PE, apart from being unable to get audio on one project (strange) it works perfectly...had to increase latency a little for the amplitube standalones (cpu hogs) but compared to my year old toneport (i bought the quattro as a back up) the sound is excellent, clearer and louder!

no probs with XP pro on an old P4 3gbRam...for this price I'd highly recommend toneport will remain unplugged for the present

posted Saturday, 30-May-09 at 7:41
Tim from Canada writes:
I, on the other hand, have used this interface for years on an G4 Emac and it's been very stable. However I've been forced to move on because of Intel Mac.

posted Wednesday, 10-Dec-08 at 7:35
Benedict Appleby a Professional user from England writes:
I have owned the quattro for over 4 years now. Up until now I have had no problems, great sound, good latency (around 3ms) and easy to set up. However, in the last few weeks, this interface has been sriously crashing xp, blue screen and all. M-audio haven't released new drivers for years and subsequently will now have to buy a new interface. Therefore, avoid this product unless you get it VERY cheap.

Rating: 5 out of 10 posted Thursday, 03-Apr-08 at 21:4
c0r3 a part-timer user from USA writes:
When I first got the quattro it took me two days to get it working fully. I tried to make it work in Sonar Pro and Cubase SX (I don’t care for protools unless I’m working at another studio.) One day, after I installed the new drivers, connected the thing properly, and learned to configure Cubase for the ASIO driver of the Quattro everything worked perfectly. Occasionally I’ll run into a bug and need to restart Cubase. That happens once a week maybe but it has never interrupted recording. Since I got the card working with Cubase SX this interface has been wonderful. It sounds great and the direct monitoring makes it a perfect card for what I do. Some day I may buy an upgrade but I am going to have to spend around 600$ to do better then what the Quattro does for me now. I guess the bottom line for me is yeah, this card can be a pain to set up but once you have all the bugs worked out it is a great sounding portable interface that no one wants. It sells for almost nothing on ebay now. I bought this thing for 150$ three years ago and am totally getting my money out of it.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 18-Jul-06 at 13:15
Erik a Professional user from Canada writes:
This card is awful. It overheats, it crashes repeatedly, the drivers are out of date, and yet places like Long & McQuade go and sell it like it's as good as other sound cards in its bracket. For $500 it was a major ripoff - I wish I'd insisted more forcefully on the ESS card that they advertised having available.

posted Thursday, 02-Mar-06 at 2:53
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