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REV. a Professional user from usa writes:
As the minister of music of a local church the roland vs 2480 is a very important piece of equipment for the ministry and myself, because recording vocals are made easy using vacal modeling cond. mics EQ's and seperation to give you the fullest mix recordable.

posted Friday, 27-Jul-07 at 17:49
roxstar a hobbyist user writes:
A really great machine! I used to have the 1880.. liked it in the beginning, and hated it later. I swore I would never buy another Roland product, untill I saw a good deal on ebay that was about to get passed up. Needless to say, I won teh bid, and figured I'd be in the manual for a month before I could do anything. WRONG! The 2480 is actually easier to use than the smaller models.. maybe because everything is more laid out, and there are dedicated button as opposed to sub menue's for most of the functions. I've ownedthis machine for 1 week now, and 2 hours after having it, I had already tracked a beat into it.. synced the MPC to it, and seperated the tracks. This is more than a recorder, it's a sampler too, it can edit samples better than my MPC2KXL can, and the EQ's are real dope. And yes, you can assign the samples to the phrase pads, and sequence too! (to a degree). It's a great machine, and I'll admitt, I know very little, but it's enough to get me excited, and enough for me to get my music sounding good, and onto a cd with vocals!

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Monday, 22-May-06 at 20:9
Renegade Project a part-timer user from USA writes:
Sound on Sound magazine has good tips on using the VS-2480...I am pleased with my machine

posted Wednesday, 19-Jan-05 at 18:57
@x3l a Professional user from the Netherlands writes:
I think the 2480 is a great machine. The price might look a bit high, but if you were to buy all the things the VS has seperately, you'd pay at least two times more. The weak point is that you really have to take time getting to know the machine. I't's not like other consoles where you sit back and just do what feels right. But once you figured it out, it's pretty easy to work on.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Saturday, 15-Feb-03 at 7:22
from usa writes:

Go there for total 2480 support !

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 05-Nov-02 at 8:36
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