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Theisovian from USA writes:
You can fix these things yourself... I had a bunch of dead keys too. Open it up, remove the rubber contact sheet, and repaint both sides of each contact with dry graphite powder (can pick up from your local auto supply shop). Blow off the excess and reassemble. They'll work like new again!

posted Sunday, 27-Jul-08 at 10:57
Mirko a Professional user from Italy writes:
Just got back from Edirol assistance about same problem...keys not working at all, after months unused!!! They said I should spend about 100€ and that it's a common problem of these keyboards! Fuck them all, I'll buy something better! Anyway, no one knows how to fix this problem on our own?! Buying the contacts under the keys...?! Cheers. Mirko

posted Tuesday, 03-Jun-08 at 15:7
Michael Murphy from USA writes:
I teach and bought 28 Edirol PCR-30's for my computer lab. I only used them for one 9week quarter for two years and then half the keys stopped working. I'm reading that this is common? Can they be fixed?

posted Tuesday, 15-May-07 at 13:26
adam from australia writes:
man this controller is totally sweet and i havent had the same problems as others have reported with keys not working. i even spilt a shot of bicardi on it and it still didnt stop working.....

posted Tuesday, 31-Jan-06 at 23:41
gregc a part-timer user from UK writes:
Same problem as others. Went back to use it after a few months and half the keys don't work. Avoid.

Rating: 1 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 25-Jan-06 at 4:6
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