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adam jay a Professional user from usa writes:
i've used these monitors for about 4 years now. i beleive i paid $200 for them. i run them from a Samson Servo 260 amp, which puts out 90 watts per side, so its a good match.

i absolutely love these monitors, and aside from the lack of magnetic shielding... they really can't be beat. Tannoy is one hell of a brand, and this low-price product really shows how much they care about the products they put their name on. Extremely flat response, i've produced around 20 EP's and an LP on these monitors. I've never questioned the output of these monitors and i don't think i will ever have to.

Unfortunately, with the growing popularity of computer-based recording, these speakers probably haven't gotten much respect due to their lack of magnetic shielding... however now that Flat LCD monitors are so affordable, and Laptop producers are increasing in numbers, perhaps more people will consider the Tannoy Proto-J's in their studio.

One of my old studio spaces was a 2nd story room with low Cathedral style ceilings, and the bass response in that room was amazing. i never thought i'd need a sub with these monitors. My new space is a typical flat rectangle size room and the bass response has been noticably deminished. So, depending on your room, you may or may not need to add a subwoofer in conjunction with the Proto-J's. I've gotten along fine so far without one, but when you can't control the building materials of a room, a sub can be the icing on the cake.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Saturday, 22-Nov-03 at 3:30
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