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jizz a part-timer user from u.s. writes:
I bought this card used. excellent sound for the price.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Saturday, 23-Jan-10 at 15:3
JMCy from Haiti writes:
I send you this Memo to inform you about a problem with my Seasoung Solo ex, durant moving fron my next studio to the present I lost the PCI card & the Software, please help me to find a solution. Thank in a Haitian kind. JMCy

posted Tuesday, 19-May-09 at 16:14
PolyMono a part-timer user from USA writes:
Works great so far, no conflicts with the Gina card I also have installed... No driver for XP though... so its life may be short. Too bad, such a nice rack... Picked this baby up for only $120.00 brand new... I now use it every day... (-:

posted Wednesday, 10-Oct-01 at 1:4
allen wrench a hobbyist user from usa writes:
this item will be blown out by guitar center tommorrow. for $199 , its a local company, and for the price i would like to support them. but on the other hand would this item be redundent? its a 24/96 data hard drive, recorder.

posted Wednesday, 01-Aug-01 at 0:4
nathan a Professional user from USA writes:
Ok i borrowed this card from my work to see how it would work in my setup. Im comparing this one with Terratec ews88mt, Aardvark direct pro, and the seasound. Once i got it home i hooked in the card and instelled the crivers and voila, already setup. After i configured it, i ran it through multiple tests, mp3's, software synths, cubase, Reason, rebirth, fruityloops 3.0, Logic audio platinum, Acid pro. It worked great, sound quality is killer, and the ability to reach over and adjust levels with the rack is great. Im not much into software controls. Next i plugged in various keyboards and played through, recorded and sampled. Worked great, quality of recording was excellent. Of course the terratec card does have a lil better sound to it, but the ability to have the rack for the seasound adds a hardware feel to it, very cool, sure it only has two inputs, and if you want more you have to buy the expander, but for the pc based or minimal techno guy, who doesnt plan on recording a whole drum kit into it. Its fine. I like the feel of the rack too, it doesnt feel cheap, and sure it comes with cubasis and acid rock, not cakewalk like other cards, or other massive bundled software, but to me if they give alot of software with it, it seems to me like theyr trying to make up for something. For the money and combination of ease of use and the hardware aspect im very impressed with this card, i mean Tom Oberheim had a hand in this, and even though he's not a "new" synth pioneer, like access, i trust his knowledge. Craig Anderton also has said good things about this card, and he's very well respected too.

Bads? i wish they had more control of the output of winamp, and games, the soudn starts to clip a little, more ins would be cool but not needed, and the midi jacks would be great if they were in the front. But other than that, well worth the price. Check it out.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Saturday, 10-Feb-01 at 14:49
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