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Brian Gunter a part-timer user from United States writes:
I'm using Logic Pro 7.2 and just purchased the East West Colossus Instrument. I've got to say I'm expremely pleased with my purchase. As the other poster George states, the NI powered instrument does not "pass" Logic's AU validation test. While re-scanning the plug-in won't yield you positive results, you can force it by checking the box to the left of the plug-in within the AU Valitator window. This will re-scan and it will fail again, but when the box is checked you can return to Logic and in your AU instruments menu Colossus will apear within the "incompatible" dropdown menu. Fully installed and useable without further issue.

Logic's AU Validation program is designed to weed out any (and I do mean ANY) plug-ins that don't meet Logics' perfect ideal of a plug. In most cases with third party plug-ins and Logic Pro 7 they will work just fine if they don't pass validation. In most cases anyway.

Any questions, feel free to email me at In the meantime I will be thouroughly enjoying my new Colossus virtual instrument with 32Gigs chalked full of high quality and composer worthy samples and synths. All within my Logic Pro 7 environment! Well worth the price!

posted Sunday, 12-Aug-07 at 15:40
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