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Ross K. a part-timer user from United States writes:
I have now owned my D-two for well over 5 years, and I still find myself saying wow, this thing kicks A%$! I got mine at a Guitar Satan Blow out sale for a song and have never looked back. Too bad the prices are getiing out of control, I would love to have a couple more...

posted Friday, 13-Apr-07 at 11:23
Albert a Professional user from USA writes:
Just want to add my voice of praise for the TC Electronic D-Two. What's truly amazing about this box is that it costs under $500 new (I got mine for $425). It sounds MUCH more expensive than that!

Programming is nice and easy once you sort out which alpha dial controls which parameters. The interface makes it an interactive experience to edit the box, and practically encourages experimentation. Of special note are the module buttons which engage the six effects: Spatial, Filter, Chorus, Reverse, Dynamic, and PingPong. Press the button once to engage or disengage the effect, and double click the button to edit the effect. To edit the delays themselves, hit the dedicated edit button and then scroll through the parameters, of which there are many. Why doesn't everybody make it this easy?

As far as sound, this is a thoroughly professional box in every respect. Clean and quiet, and plenty of level on the signal. It also has digital IN/OUT on SPDIF connectors, plus midi IN/OUT/TRHU, and a foot pedal input.

Priced for the home studio, this dedicated delay box is plenty good enough for commercial studios as well. I usually find something to like and something to dislike about almost every piece of gear I own, but with the D-Two I haven't found anything to dislike yet.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Sunday, 27-May-01 at 18:43
Mainline Crux a part-timer user from USA writes:
This is a cool effect box, it sounds very clean and you have a great amount of control. It is a very musical effect.

One of the most impressive things is the gain staging is excellent, so the output signal is quite good.

It isn't a sampling delay box, so you cannot do real long capture and hold delays like a guitar pedal.

The range of different kinds of delays is quite good and editing is made easy from all of the front panel conrols.

I'm looking to get the M1 soon and I hope that TC Electronics will do an "F3" with some of the Fireworx effects.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Sunday, 22-Apr-01 at 14:14
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