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freesilence a part-timer user from norway writes:
oops, score:

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Sunday, 23-Feb-03 at 8:28
freesilence a part-timer user from norway writes:
well mine is damn noisy, but i don't really care. nice warm delay-sounds, and i actually like the spring tank too. I do miss separate outs for echo and mix though, so I'm thinking of getting a korg se-500 or 300.

posted Sunday, 23-Feb-03 at 8:23
U-Lab a part-timer user from Hungary writes:
The RE-201 is great eeaatt att tt tape delay. Almost noiseless operation, "sexy" look, durable construction.

One of Roland's best machines.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Monday, 20-Aug-01 at 13:31
Stephen Parsick a Professional user from Moers,Germany writes:
I have had several 201 over the past two years and I´ve always been a bit disappointed by them. Not that they´re bad or whatever, but I always found the RE-301 more interesting because of its Sound-On-Sound feature and its somewhat more intriguing sound (Portishead actually stirred my interest in this one). The nicest bit of the 201 -- apart from the weird noises it produces when self-oscillating and its cheapo-sounding spring reverb tank -- is the fact that you have a great variety of different head combinations with or without reverb that allow you to do various types of single- or multi-tap delays at the turn of a knob. The internal preamp of the 201 is also nice, it sounds different from the 301 or 501, I couldn´t explain what the difference is exactly, but there´s some dirt about the 201 going into saturation that is simply appealing.

I drive mine by one of the aux paths of my mixing desk (especially for doubling sequencer rhythms), but usually I´d use the 301 for the more spatial, ambient kind of sound. The 201 undoubtedly is a classic, and it might especially appeal to those who are looking for a basic, yet good-sounding (ugh, well, watch out for tape wear on the playback heads) and reliable tape echo device without esoteric tape cartridges like on the Teisco or Echoplex devices.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 11-Jul-00 at 13:4
dave madden a Professional user from USA writes:
I bought one used (obviously) in 95 for $50. I tried to sell it to a guy across country, and when he got it, it did not work (the heads would not turn). He sent it back, and all I did was clean the heads and it worked! We have sort of a "Christine" relationship together. It is great for guitar and drums - especially when it feeds back with that ultimate, infinite echo. It will never leave my studio just based on the fact that it looks cool and people are amazed at the analog tape drive.

Rating: 6 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 11-Jul-00 at 13:1
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