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temper a part-timer user from france writes:
This card is pathetic. Daughterboard DB50XG (that i still have despite my pro gear) has brought me into home studio world and gave me my first satisfactions and the desire to go further. Cause it have all the XG stuff plus some hidden tweakable slots to store more complexes and delicious patches (see xg-gold) soft...) reminiscent from an old legacy hard yamhi synth (forgotten the name). As said above, audio quality is better (very clean) than the overpriced SB shits. But the stock ROM is poor sounding and no place to store patches anymore.

posted Monday, 19-Dec-05 at 8:37
pat a Professional user from holland writes:
This card sucks. Poor quality, poor software. Any soundblaster will do better.

Rating: 1 out of 10 posted Saturday, 23-Nov-02 at 14:53
Kevin D a hobbyist user from USA writes:
Having owned both a PSR730, and SW60 (although both sold now, replaced by a Roland XP-50) I decided to come back to XG by giving the Waveforce a chance. Sorry to say I am a bit disappointed as to the Midi quality (although the audio performance is excellent, being a PCI based card). The 64 polyphony came out VERY handy, one of the card's pluses. But again, the quality of the midi sounds are a bit dry, they sound as if they were sampled at 22k. My installed software emulator SYXG-70 running at 44k sounds SOO much better, more crystal clear details. I would recommend the card if you are starting out with XG/Audio etc...(this will be wonderful with the 64 polyphony) but if you are an XG veteran I would recommend one of the MU line of modules from yamaha. As for me I will stick with this card because of the great audio performance for price I paid for it, $79. As well as using it with my SYXG-70 :) Score: Audio: 10/10 Midi: 8/10

posted Monday, 05-Apr-99 at 8:9
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