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jakesmitty007 a Professional user from USA writes:
This reverb unit is about as good as you can get without spending the money for a machine that costs as much as a car (i.e. 480L) or uses sampling technology (Sony DRES777). TC seems to have put a lot of effort into making the room reverbs as realistic as possible, and I think they are a bit more realistic than the PCM 91.

Everybody always wants to know which one is better. . .The general consensus seems to be that the PCM 91 is a little warmer, and slightly more full-sounding and "creamy" while the M3000 is slightly cleaner and has better-defined room reverbs. Plus it has more flexible I/O, a larger display, and a futuristic star trek look to it. Best of all it looks like t.c. and Lexicon have a price war going on, and prices for each have dropped to about $1600-1700US. Oops, that's still a sh*%load of dough.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 25-Apr-01 at 15:16
Kosmik K. from Sweden writes:
This box is only 1u, but it contains a lot of studios, cathedrals, death canyons, gymnasiums and phonebooths. (It can simulate very easily the reverberation sound of the gap in your bank account) Its inner sonic quality is breathtaking. Indeed. Some of the reverb algorythms give access to more than 35 parameters in 'expert mode' !! and that's only for 1 engine, but there's 2 of them, and you can morph between them for scary 'cathedral to phone booth' effects, or abstract reverbs, or whatever. The modulation FX are also very good : wonderful phaser and so on and I had quite some fun with the tremolos also...Frontal TAP tempo access is great for the delays. Great to have dynamic processing modules also. Display ain't huge but still, it's a breeze to use and anyway you can access any set of parameters via MIDI if you're a furious slider-head. Well, it's a TC do I need to waste time describing sonic excellence & flexibility of the I/Os ? Sometimes with the M3000 I found myself looking around in the studio for the acoustic space that created such a sound !! Of course it's not a budget unit but a tool like this is time-proof, and perfection is priceless. I really have a hard time explaining how excellent this unit is, both on the 'earthly' and 'unearthly' sides.

My fellow musicians, you haven't lived until you've heard the M3000.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 15-Dec-99 at 13:39
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