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Giovanni Alexi a hobbyist user from Jax FL,USA writes:
the above review is right on the money.Now,I used this card for sampling and midi multitrack only,and the SB live for the audio multi track and virtual analog synths tracks.The AWE IS the only true hardware based sound card with sampling and FULL synth capabilities.The reason??The EMU chipset.It is the same chipset used on the Proteus line of emu synths.REAL synths!Now the drawbacks are the audio output for clean multitrack audio.I was able to do it in 22khz but in 44khz only one track will work right,the restr sound like crap.Funny..that was only while recording,because after I finish,it all sounded ok,hmm..strange.The card DOES have MULTI-OS support and the support has added many freeware and shareware apps for editing the synth,sampler and FX on it.Some more notable apps are SWAMI,SMURF,AWEFX(linux),and Vienna sound font studio 2.3(2K/XP compatible one).The Emagic soundiver 3.05 does it too!!For the emu line,try it!I love this card and I still have it

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Friday, 19-Nov-04 at 16:55
Captain Fruitcake a part-timer user from Sweden writes:
(Each "channel" on the AWE32 can only play one sample at a time, but it is not fixed to one sample) Real specs for the AWE32:

* 2 LFO's (lfo1=vibrato, lfo2=vibrato+filter+tremolo) fixed (?(tri?)) waveform * 2 EG's (eg1=volume, eg2=pitch+filter) Delay-Attack-Hold-Decay-Sustain-Release The EG's are somewhat strange, they're not linear. * Resonant LowPass Filter, 256 steps for the filter, only 16 for the resonance :(. The resonance is enough to selfoscillate at times :). I dont know how steep the filter is; my guess from listening is somewhere around 12 dB. * Only forward looping * Only 16bit samples * 3-point cubic spline interpolation of all 32 channels; it makes any sample, no matter how crappy, sound like if it was sampled at 16bit 44.1khz !!! * A maximum of 28 Mb user-RAM The first 4 Mb is reserved for _CRAPPY_ ROM samples (ok the pianos and the hihats are ok). Note that if you are using user RAM, you only get 30 channels !!! * Yamaha OPL3 synthesizer with FX send levels!. * S/PDIF out Here's a strange thing; Creative Laughs never told anyone about that S/PDIF, it's not even listed in the user manual! You'll have to find it youself, and not only that; you have to provide connectors, there's only a jumper on the card (marked "s/pdif"...)! Also, the awe32 only sends the synth data through s/pdif, it is not possible to send FM of wavedata through it. * A programmable Reverb and Chorus engine Only master effects, but with individual send levels for each channel. Creative says the fxengine is not programmable; this is BS! There are some freeware programs out there that makes it possible to make you own effects, but unfortunally Creative refuses to give any information about the parameters, so much is still (1999!) unknown... I think the FX sounds great; but im not really into FX units, so i might be "wrong" ... * Logaritmic pitch, meaning nice slides! * You can attach a daughterboard, never tried it though. You're supposed to get 64 channels (hardware, not like the AWE64) thru this. --------------->8-------------------------- Personal oppinion: The AWE32 is a great sampleplay/synth. I'm currently using it as my main soundsource, and it works great. The bad S/N is no problem to me as i use the S/PDIF out, and have a real sampler so i dont have to use the analogue in (which suxx). I dont think it will do much good if you use it in "proffessional" programs (cubase, cakewalk, logic audio etc.) as creative laughs never made any good drivers for the card, and no good programs either. I always use AllSoundTracker for maximum flexibility and full use off all (almost) the awe's capabilities. Beware of the other AWE's, though! They use special "Creative Memory Caps" which are _EXPENSIVE_, and the AWE64 emulates 32 extra channels THROUGH SOFTWARE!!! The other AWE's are simply crap. the awe32 gets 8/10 because of the very good sound and ok price, but not 10; because of Creative!

Basicly; the AWE32 is the only good thing Creative ever made.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Friday, 07-May-99 at 17:25
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