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Ned Bouhalassa a Professional user writes:
Generally, I'd say that at that price (74 $) it's a very good deal. Lots of delay-based effects, heavy on stereo movement, and quite a bit of pitch and/or amplitude tracking. They're just the ticket if you love to transform sounds into everything from haunting vocoded chords to degraded mush. In a way, this reminds me of a plug-in (and less expensive) version of Bias' SFX Machine.

One note of warning though, be careful of not blowing your speakers, especially when you're playing around with the resonant filters.

One thing I really appreciate is that many, if not all the plug-ins, allow you to control the level of dry to wet signal. It's also possible to patch plug-ins together, a lot like the old days of patchable analog beasts. You can use the amplitude level of a drum loop to control the opening and closing of a filter on a voice, for example. Some of the plug-in parameters may seem a bit complex for those of use that that don't have a complete grasp of digital audio theory, but no worry, there's enough variety for all levels of users. Finally, you've got to love the many ID graphics that give a special identy to a number of the plug-ins.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Monday, 07-Jun-99 at 10:3
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