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Ollie Williams a Professional user from UK writes:
Excellent. Plugged it in and recorded eight thirty track songs the same day. Runs amazingly with digital performer - I can't account for logic problems, but they sound unlikely. It has never crashed and works equally well with digital and analogue sources.

The only thing I don't like is the crappy IEC lead it comes with. It's a bit loose and leads (sorry about the pun) to crackles. Replaced it and things were fine though. MOTU tech support is also excellent.


posted Thursday, 11-May-00 at 12:13
John Gamble a Professional user from usa writes:
I cannot record into Logic(4.01)using the 2408 at a 48khz sampling rate,from a lightpipe source.Attempts to do so give me an error message saying"incoming sample rate detected at 48000 cannot synchronize audio and midi".If I try to select the 48000 option from the pulldown menu[in Logic] I get a notice that says"asio error-48000 not allowed"[after I had used the 2408 console to set it to 48k,ADAT Optical sync,and Logic's sync prefs to sync to digital.I have tried practically every combination of settings in the various related menus and control panels to no avail! I also did not seem to be able able to record thru the 2408 analog ins at 48k either[PCI-324 on internal sync,LAMP on digital sync],BUT more importantly....... I CANNOT TRANSFER TRACKS THRU THE LIGHTPIPE FROM ADAT THAT WERE RECORDED AT 48KHZ!!!!!! This eliminates most of the main reason I got the 2408, to be able to tranfer and edit ADAT tracks.Running ADATS at 44.1 sucks cause of Alesis' kluge of varispeed to accomplish different sample rates,and what it does to the smpte displays,plus I've got a bunch of existing stuff on ADAT at 48k. Any Info??!!!???HELP!! -John Gamble. email-

ps-I cannot playback 48k files either,same error messages and varisped on playback on playback.Also,I was not recording midi,the first 48k thing I tried was audio only,nor was I using a BRC cable to the ADAT from my MTP-AV.Does anyone know if 44.1k ONLY recording is a limitation of the ASIO specification?

posted Friday, 06-Aug-99 at 17:6
Alex Daniels a part-timer user from USA writes:
2408 is for power users who need major I/O on their pc. It's not for ppl who want to do everything on their PC, those ppl would buy a pulsar or something similar. This product is aimed at someone who has external gear like Adats, a digital mixer or other Adat lightpipe equipped unit, and wants to record or process/edit/record/playback many channels simultaneously.

My current use for it is with an Akai S6000 sampler with lightpipe I/O and Cubase VST24 v3.65 on the PC. The PC ASIO drivers are good, and run faultlessly. Latency is about 25ms. Latency without ASIO is 750ms. (450mhz celeron [300a], Abit BX6 v2.0) The PCI card didn't like my DEC PCI Ethernet 10 base T card. With both in the machine, it wouldn't boot, no matter which PCI slots they were put in. Putting in a 3com ISA 10bT card solved the conflict. After that, it's been working reliably ever since.

Basically there's nothing much to talk about, it does exactly what it promises to do in the ads, nothing more nothing less, but living up to the marketing info is an achievement these days... So basically, if you need serious adat I/O for your PC, this is the only box for you without all the other unnecessary stuff you don't want or need. Cost in USA is close to $1000. Plus you can get additional rackmount units for about $600. Each PCI card will support 3, 24 channel 1U racks. Giving 72 tracks of simultaneous I/O.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 29-Jun-99 at 17:16
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