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Jason a part-timer user from US writes:
I work for the city of Anaheim, CA doing video programming. We use an O3D in the office and are having trouble with our CD input channels. All other channels work fine and have switched to alternate channels for the time being but need all the channels because of the hardware we are running through the board. It doesn't appear that those channels are muted. No audio is coming through the 1/4" jacks on either channel. If anybody has any ideas, I would be extremely grateful. Thanks!

posted Thursday, 14-Jul-05 at 13:10
Rio from indonesia writes:
does any1 know whether got the online forum community support for yamaha o3D???? yes its the best digital console worth your money? if any1 know can help me, just email me plzz thanks!!

posted Friday, 22-Mar-02 at 6:58
Lenti Lenko a Professional user from Australia writes:
I did forget to mention 1 other criticism I have of the O3D- there are unfortunately no dedicated knobs for real time EQ and pan adjustments (like on the newer O1V or the much larger O2R). I wish that this was availble but still it is very easy to adjust these parameters with the dial (and with a PC mouse that can be hooked up to the back of the unit).

I had a good play around with the O1V the other day and whilst it stacks up to the O3D in most areas (and even improves slightly with the effects and real time EQ and pan controls!) I must say that whilst it's interface is well designed considering it's much smaller display, the O3D kills it in the 'ease of use' ranking- the big screen definetly helps here!

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Sunday, 05-Mar-00 at 23:40
Lenti Lenko a Professional user from Australia writes:
The O3D is the best peice of gear I have ever bought- PERIOD!

I don't know how I lived without it's scene recall capabilities, fantastic EQ, Dynamics and Effects processing features. You really don't need much else than an O3D, an ADAT/TASCAM recorder, a couple of good mics and a pair of nice monitors to to 'kick ass' 8 (or even more!) track recordings with an added digital (ADAT or TDIF) card installed.

I'm no fan of it's small, closely positioned faders but you get used to them after a while.

It's mic pre's are way better than what I though initially. They are very clean and the 1st 2 channel also provide analogue insert points.

All 4 auxilliary are pre/post fader switchable and settings can be stored for effects, eq's, dynamics etc.

It is small and easy to get around thanks to it's great interface and large LCD screen.

I only wish for at least one more card slot and that both effects units could be fed into each other.

This is a killer board for both recording and live work. I can't recommend it highly enough!!!!

posted Thursday, 02-Mar-00 at 9:13
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