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AccesGranted a part-timer user from - writes:
Great value for money, the DOD sounds good!!!

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Thursday, 07-Dec-00 at 6:0
=M-C-LOVE= from USA writes:
I have this little rack. It's not *great*, but it's not bad by any means. I got it to be a generic simple FX workhorse, for generic effects, and it certainly fits that category. There's no effect on the box that makes me go, "Oh wow, this is great - I can't live with out this!" But there's no effect on there that makes me say, "This is a joke." either.

On the REVERBs, one of the knobs is like a stereo width adjustment, so you can go from a pretty mono reverb to a big, full room.

My favorite thing about this effect box is that it's not programmable. Simple knobs that you adjust on the fly, realtime.

My least favorite thing is that I was hoping the stereo-delay was more of a simple ping-pong type delay. Or you know, where one side is what it is and the other side is delayed. To give that "stereo" effect. Instead, it just delays both sides.

To get that effect, I patch the left side of the synth directly into the mixer and the other one through the box with the output set all the way to wet, or no original signal. It works, but requires a change in the way you patch your cords. But it does a pretty good job with everything else.

Oh, and the frequency response isn't very high. It cuts off at a pretty low frequency. (Above 12k, if I remember right?)

But I don't regret buying it, it was only 129$ at guitar center.

Rating: 5 out of 10 posted Thursday, 02-Sep-99 at 17:1
ficus a part-timer user from motor city writes:
I don't know... kinda dark sounding, very metallic reverbs, but a nice auto-pan and leslie effect (speeds up and slows down with knob very nicely).

definitely audition before you buy.

Rating: 5 out of 10 posted Monday, 16-Aug-99 at 13:11
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