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Bee1 from France writes:
OK, I did my 1st project this weekend on Nuendo, what can I say, it's a dream software. my setup is PIII 660 / 256Mo RAM / Prodif+ / W98SE (soon W2K) I come from the VST world and worked a bit on ProTools free recently... Honestly, Nuendo kills both in terms of "useability". Timing is tight, stability is stellar, VST instrument support is a major plus, multirecording a breeze, latency super low with ASIO2 support. Total automation on _every_ parameter of every VST plugin installed. You cant believe how straightforward and nice automation support is until you've tried it for yourself. Wave previewing (while browsing) is faster than any other soft I know of, and file handling serious and coherent. On the down side, built in eq sounds average, the delay compensation support for plugin processing time is weak, and a couple of bugs need to be ironed out still, but nothing really bad indeed. MIDI support is just bread & butter now but no serious omission : enough to get you going if you're not doing weird MIDI processing/remapping/filtering in realtime. That will hopefully grow, tho. Now, I've been using sequencers since the beginning of the ATARI era, and Nuendo IS the best thing since sliced bread, because it diseappears behind its function, and let you be creative and fast in your work, while still providing enormous flexibility. If you already know cubase, you'll start making music in 10 minutes like I did. I tortured it relentlessly with fast key command, changing screensets 4 times a second, lauching plugins on the fly while playing, audio and MIDI recording, looping and editing forever the whole WE and COULDN'T get it to crash a single time. It's unreal. It's a revolution.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Monday, 15-Jan-01 at 13:53
Alex Daniels a part-timer user from USA writes:
Version 1.5 is being previewed now (main feature added is VST instrument support). There will also be a Mac version of Nuendo.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 26-Sep-00 at 7:23
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