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mind rubber a Professional user from tomorrow world writes:
these plugs are killer. period.

the comb-filter is great for everything from flanging to resonator type effects. pitch-accum works best on percussive sources, but adds a nice degree of (pitch/delay-based) weirdness to just about anything. band-pass is one of the warmest sounding software filters i've heard. shuffling is great for randomization of percussive sources...

let's also talk about the other four that come with vol. 2 (VST - i believe the TDM/RTAS versions all come in the same bundle): freeze is a nice tool for stop-start looping, but really needs to be automated and used selectively for good results. doppler combines pitch-shifting and auto-panning to recreate the effect it's named after, but also goes way beyond that - great stereo swirlies. delays is, well, a delay, albeit a very nice one with lots of control. the creme-de-la-creme though, is reson: adjacent narrow-band filters, anywhere from 2 to about 40 of them, all working in low-, band- or high-pass mode with as narrow or as wide a range as desired, making for some filtering FX the likes of which are not encountered often.

all in all, these plugs are very well-done and highly creative tools. automation in a VST host is pretty straightforward, though more so with Nuendo than with Cubase...

these were designed by the compnay which was founded by Pierre Schaeffer, who most consider to be the founder of one of the first forms of electronic music, musique concrete. these plug-ins are the perfect way of bringing his legacy to today's digital age.

if i have any complaints about GRM Tools, it's just that most of them are DSP hogs!

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Monday, 18-Mar-02 at 2:49
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