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Stevee Newbold a Professional user from USA writes:
I had a studio based on Digitech's ProTools and paid dearly for the pleasure. I have found a pro engineer using this device. I gave up on ProTools for the obvious practical reasons. the point is, how much technology do you actually need to produce art. We have had other professionals request studio time in our environment based upon our results from producing our demo. What is the greatest form of flattery? I was skeptical but now I promote our system which is based on the AW4416. I am sure to push the envelope on the system and look forward to improvements from any source. Point is, no matter what anyone complains about, we got the job done and other professionals are asking for our advice. I will be glad to share our results with any interested party. Yamaha technology is superior to any other provider when considering the $$$.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 01-Mar-11 at 17:49
Jordi a hobbyist user writes:
I am in the process of buying a lightly used aw4416. I was wondering if someone might tell me what the value of one is in good shape.I was also hoping that you might be Able to point me to some good resources for beginning on this unit. I am a musician who is just getting into recording. Thanks

posted Thursday, 02-Apr-09 at 15:5
yacht deloreous a part-timer user from u.s.a writes:
I have been using the aw4416 since 2003 and recorded over 300 hundred songs the sound quality is amazing ive recorded on digi002 and as far as sound it not as clear as the yamaha, ppl that complain? it's probely them not the unit this is a real recording machine like a real console bord, not a computer and a mouse???.......

posted Sunday, 13-May-07 at 1:41
customsound79 a Professional user from USA writes:
I am so sorry this got such poor reviews by those new to recording or digital mixers in general. In fact, the only bad reviews seem to reflect the lack of ability in the user not the mixer. I, on the other hand, have mixed on many different consoles and found the manual quite adequate. In fact, it was almost too easy! If you are familiar with even the most basic digital console, this will make you feel right at home. This recorder has soooo many useful features it's like a large format console in a tight little package. I wish they still made them like this! Don't review the gear based on the manual. You can't learn a life skill in a few short pages!

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Saturday, 07-Apr-07 at 0:30
jt a Professional user from austin, tx writes:
the aw4416 is a top shelf machine. i have produced serveral cd's with it. currently i use it for mobile recording. the only downside is the lack of outputs in stock form. you are stuck with backup to cdr/rw and using awx to pull it on the pc.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 12-Apr-06 at 13:9
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