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Benjamin Hasu a hobbyist user from Papua New Guinea writes:
I am vey interested in this music software that you are offering. Can you provide more information to me?

posted Tuesday, 15-Jul-03 at 4:57
Beavisman writes:
Lone star said:"The fact that you can't stop samples from playing before they end (knockout)"

By using the envolopes you can set a sample to gate when using a usb,or midi controller.

Rating: 7 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 25-Jun-03 at 4:27
LoneStar a hobbyist user from Germany writes:
Oh, and I don't see what is difficult in Reason. It's just a simulation of a little (?) studio! Choose your gear, connect it to your mixer and add FX, then sequence the whole stuff with one per instrument. Sounds much like the real world, doesn't it? Anyways a MUCH clearer concept than your oh-so-easy-can-do-just-everything-FL. People who don't understand THAT simple structures have never used some Hardware gear IMO. Believe me guys, you're missing something! Or do you want to program your whole studio (FL) with one finger (your mouse)for the rest of your life ???

Rating: 5 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 24-Jun-03 at 18:34
LoneStar a hobbyist user from Germany writes:
I am making music for 13 years now. My preferred genres are Minimal Techno, Hard Banging Breakbeats and Chilly/Ambient type of stuff. I have used nearly any of the audio/midi/softsynth/all-in-one-programs out there, and I was impressed with the capabilities of FL at first, even though the somewhat (very) strange structure/interface confused me for a moment. I started making music with trackers (if anyone still knows what that is), which are superb for sample PLAYING and very fast to use. Now I use REAL gear only (Hardware), because its flexible enough (I own a RM1x for Sequencing, a MicroKorg and a Yamaha TX81Z for Synth sounds, an EMU ESI-32 for Samples and some Effect units), has a DEFINETELY better Sound and, most important, its much more reliable than ANY Software. You just switch it on and it works.

Now, what disturbed me on FL are some details that are totally making the other good ideas senseless:

The fact that you can't stop samples from playing before they end (knockout) The fact that you can't stop patterns from playing before they end, nor see how long they really are (complete knockout).

In general, FL could be a good tool for producing, especially since it supports VSTi's and stuff, and it sure is easy to get used to for beginners. But if are used to a more "traditional" structure (midi channel -> instrument -> mixer channel), its too confusing to get started fast, and isn't worth spending the time you would need. After all, thats just my opinion.

Rating: 5 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 24-Jun-03 at 18:12
seb a hobbyist user from france writes:
j'attend tous les trucs et astuces de la part des fan des boucles fruitées

posted Tuesday, 24-Jun-03 at 15:49
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