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James a Professional user from USA writes:
I just got FLS 4.0 for my PC. I like it , but when ever i use synths like wasp of simsynth live it will loose any memory of it after the third or fourth session. it is the full verion of FL and the wasp and other synths are not demos. Is thsi a glitch of a mafucntion in the system. Or is it something I'm not doing right. Please let me know. thank you. James

Rating: 3 out of 10 posted Saturday, 10-May-03 at 4:39
googaa a Professional user writes:
Fruity Loops 4.01 (FL Studio) is out...

I used FL 3.56, it was great, but now I tried the demo of 4.01. Its much better than 3.56. Try to integrate a VST full featured sampler into it and VST plugins if you could. The 3rd party VSTs work better with FL studio than it does with FL 3.56. Esp with ASIO. (Waldorf Attack, PPG wave, Pro 5, etc)

FL STUDIO has now wav. editor, so you can record audio! and now recording upto 32bit/96khz and it has mixer, etc.

Fruity loops is soon becoming more pro like cubase. Purchase the studio for $150 and you will get free upgrades for life!

posted Thursday, 08-May-03 at 17:0
guLTer a part-timer user from Bulgaria writes:
i'm from bulgaria, i use Fruity Loops 3.56 Demo ... because i can't find the full version of it.My creation in that prog. is maked in once ... begun to make and one breath music :) that's all i can say about fruity ... :) bye

posted Saturday, 03-May-03 at 5:13
c0deZ a Professional user from US writes:
It's a good program, i've been using Fruity for about a yr now and also a Korg. But i noticed that Reason 2.0 is better and it has more effects that i need ... The programmers at both fields put enough energy and time and i think they are nice pieces of software. If u can support them, please do, instead of getting a riped or pirated version ... What come's around goes around .. PEACE -=c0deZ=-

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Sunday, 27-Apr-03 at 3:25
DJ Zero a hobbyist user from United States writes:
DAMN! Fruity loops is the best program for makin your own music. I am telling you, I am only 14, but have plenty of experience with fruity loops and am now working with fruity loops 3.56. This is it. If you always dreamed of makin your own music, this is the program for you. even if you use the demo versions of fruity loops, they are still incredible. 10/10 for Fruity Loops

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 23-Apr-03 at 0:2
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