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P.R.E.Z. a part-timer user from United States writes:

After reading all of the comments I must say I agree with a good portion of you who agree that Fruityloops is a lunatic program. It's straight water. And for those of you lost on the meaning of those terms, it's a fantastic program.

Yes, it favors electronic composers (house, hip hop, trance, drum n' bass, pop R&B, etc) but for wht it does, it is a truly powerful program.

My only beef is the fact that people who go out and buy expensive hardware and then trash on programs like Fruityloops (which is the only thing I don't like..the name), Reason, Orion, and the like saying that it can't produce sounds like a JP8000 or 8080, or Kurzweil, or Triton.

I think any wise music producer will use whatever they need to get the job done. Doesn't matter if you have a Kurzweil or Triton or MPC or Nord Virus. What matters is can you produce a dope track.

This whole debate on hardware vs. software is ridiculous in my eyes. I've heard people with expensive Pro Tools equipment and Triton sequences that simply sounded like crap. I've heard compositions in Fruityloops and Reason blow me away.

So what's the concensus? That the most innovative and creative people often make dope tracks with whatever they have. It's not because of the equipment, it's because of them.

So learn how to produce. Learn how to mix, arrange, write compelling lyrics, and generally compose. It doesn't matter what you use to the average consumer. That only matters on miniscule forums like this. Consumers want to be touched and influenced by your music. All they care about is does it sound dope. Was my money well spent? If they can say 'Yes', they'll buy the next one. Having a repeat customer, and lots of them, is more important than what you use.

So Fruityloops gets the big thumbs up. Great program for what it does and for those of us who are innovative, can do whatever we want it to do.

God bless.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Thursday, 14-Nov-02 at 14:37
SynTaX tErr0r a hobbyist user from The Netherlands writes:
Fruity loops is a great program. I've been using it since ver. 1.4 (white playlists that scrolled from top to bottom!) And it's definatly got me hooked. I've tried both ReBirth and Reason, but once you get used to the Fruity Loops interface v.s. Reason interface i'll choose for Fruity everytime!

You've got so much control, you can run DirectX and VST(2) plugins in it, you can then (for example) link any or all knops from your VST plugin to your synth (midi ofcourse, but also another plugin that can tweak using Joystick, mouse or math formulas) and tweak away! You can tweak every single paramater in Fruity (link BPM to the pitch wheel to make strange songs, if you wish ofcourse... it's al possible). You've got main automation (for the complete song to make long filter sweeps) and pattern automation (wich overrules main automation when that pattern is playing) This means you can take one long string (say on pattern 1) and make 4 diffrent patterns with just cutoff and resonance tweaking in it. Just mix them up and get wild.

The possibilities are endless.

People who say it sounds crappy are probally not using the right FX, verry important is to turn al the volume knobs down so the sound never gets into the red area. Then add some light reverb, maybe a compressor (youve got i think 6 FX busses and one master, not sure 'cuz i use Fruity 3.5 wich has more more more tweaking thingie's) and the sound quallity wil be a lot better.

I also use hardware synths and of course there is a lot of diffrence between hard and software. But because Fruity has midi support, why not just link your keyboard to Fruity midi in, and youre drumcomputer/groovebox/whatever to the Fruity midi out and sync everything. That way you get the best of both! (and if you are a speed freak like me, you can turn the BPM of fruity way past the 299.9 BPM limit of most hardware midi clocks, but not a lot of people would wanna go there!!!)

Nuff said, I LOVE THIS PROGRAM! Everybody choose what they want, as long as you leave me and my Fruity alone ;-)

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Thursday, 14-Nov-02 at 10:16
Eddie Jeckle from Rise City writes:
If you want to see how powerful Fruity Loops is download This Virus, Checkmate, or Potboiler from here:

All songs were created using Fruity Loops.

posted Thursday, 11-Jul-02 at 0:12
Pimpmaster Tommy B from Hell writes:
Despite the psudo-gay name, Fruity Loops is definatly dope. The GUI makes both realtime and step editing a breeze. True, the program was probably geared for electronica but with a bit of creativity, any genre could be well represented by Fruity Loops. As with any audio gear, some of the preset synth sounds are pretty cheesy and occasionally useless. I pretty much import all my own samples and use the TS404 (the TB303-ish emulator) and send my loops to ACID 3.0 and clean them up in either Wavelab or Sound Forge and send it from there into Cakewalk 9. One thing I would watch out for is if you are importing your own samples, if they are STEREO and you attempt to overlay multiple effects from within Fruity Loops, you'll probably end up with a bunch of clicks and pops during live playback (the recorded .wav file will sound fine however).

One feature that comes in handly is the envelope creator. I overlooked this cool feature for quire some time and I am now begining to see it's full potential. You can create pan, volume, pitch, and resonance envelopes that will most definalty liven up any instrument (try creating a subtle left to right pan with a closed HH sound with a pitch-shit down on every other beat). Okay...well it sounds cool to me and that's what really matters! Another thing is that even with the master volume all the way up, the overall loop volume tends a bit a little on the weak side. This is easily resolved in Sound Forge or Wavelab. I know you do have an option uder TOOLS to open your .wav file inside an editing program however when I try, it opens the program (ie Wavelab) but will not import the sample. Hmm...anyone else have this problem. I guess I should stop being so lazy...

All an all, Fruity Loops (despite the name) is a kick-ass program. It works well for the novice just as it does the pro (or wanna-be for that matter).

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 14-Nov-01 at 21:58
DJ Silver a Professional user from USA writes:
Fruity loops is a great prog for pro music composers and REmixers like me i use it alot it's kinda hard but once you fool around with it for a week with out even eating or smoking what ever just that you will be begin to like it and utilize the power of fx

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 14-Nov-01 at 16:26
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