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ieko a Professional user from USA writes:
I too agree with Celine. I have been using fruity since it came out. It is much more than a dance or techno or even electronica tool. It can be used for ROCK, INDIE, COUNTRY whatever. The features are only as limited as the user. I have used Logic, Protools, ACID, Cubase, and none have the ease of use. I am very excited about the new FruityTracks as well. FruityLoops is a MULTITRACKER in disquise. With the help of a good Audio Editor, Even the forementioned programs used in collaboration this is a must have. The new version even samples mp3s directly. VOCALS--another hidden feature that I have seen exploited much at all. This program literally has replace much of my hardware, and now along with a laptop, has become my synth, drum machine, sampler, multitracker you name it. Anyway enough said....

posted Wednesday, 28-Feb-01 at 21:1
tony a part-timer user from UK writes:
jyuschak, seems like you haven't seen version 3.....FL is one of the best audio programs ever, I use Logic Audio and must say that for ease of use FL beats ANY other audio package..obviously your not into Techno/Trance/Dance music otherwise you would have a difgferent opinion....

posted Monday, 19-Feb-01 at 11:47
jyuschak a part-timer user writes:
as a professional musician, i have seen few high-quality PC audio programs that have been developed throughout the years. fruity loops is definitely not one of these programs. although good for beginners, its poor quality and lack of functionality turns me away from this "cool" program. sorry, guys. i just dont see it.

Rating: 1 out of 10 posted Saturday, 17-Feb-01 at 20:33
synthe.labo a part-timer user from Italy writes:
i agree with Celine. Fruity is the best thing ever happened to pc music. i love to twist knobs on synths, put on effects, sample with the echoplex,...have more a 'live' touch to music, but this thing blowed me off. 100 of 10. cyaaa

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Friday, 16-Feb-01 at 8:19
Hagbard a Professional user from US writes:
Friity loops is all you need. With their use of VST plug ins, good built in filters and their new expanded use of external soft synths, this program has proven to be all I need to work up tracks. I also sport a few hardware synths and drum machines, but fruity loops is where most of my good ideas start, and where quite a few of them get finished. I've pulled everything from drum n bass to hardcore Noisex style industrial noize out of this thing. Definatly worth the hundered bucks, when you consider that you can buy this, and a kick ass sound card less that a comparable drum machine.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Thursday, 15-Feb-01 at 16:53
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