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Walter Bath a part-timer user from USA writes:
The 02R is by far the most useful, versitile, powerful mixer I have ever owned. I use it with two Tascam DA-88s linked together. I can even control them with the 02R. I have the two analog cards to expand my 02R to 40 channels. This is perfect because I can flip between my mic channels and tape returns with a touch of a button. The nice thing about this mixer is I can store presets of all my mixes instead of documenting on paper what each fader and knob was set at, also the automation is extremely useful too. Aside from not having that 'warm tone' that everyone is ranting and raving about these days, this has got to be the best sounding digital board I've heard yet. The price is also afordable, relative to some of the other boards I've owned. I got mine, analog input boards and all for around $10,000. My only complaint about this board is I can't find anything to complain about!

Word to your 3rd cousin

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 20-Feb-01 at 22:42
the earl from us writes:
the O2R is an extremely powerfull mixer! 32 analog mono channels, each with a comp, gate, and 2 stereo FX processors on each channel. The gate are pretty much crap. There aren't to many digital gates I've found that aren't crap. The compressors are pretty smooth though. FX are good as well. You also have 6 aux for external processing as well. Total recall of course, 8 digtal bus, you can dump your scene memory in logic as sysex if you want, as well as automate mixes inside logic. A great board for smaller adat studios, or to interface with Pro Tools.

Word to your mama

Rating: 7 out of 10 posted Sunday, 18-Feb-01 at 19:8
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