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Lenti Lenko a Professional user from Australia writes:
I do not own this unit but have played around with one in the shops. I'm extremely impressed by how easy Akai have made this unit to navigate- much more intuitive than Rolands competing VS1880 that's for sure!!!!

Akai need to add a couple of extra features in future OS upgrades and then this would be the machine to wipe the 'HD portastudio' market- namely, add some more specialised vocal, guitar and mastering effects to the optional fx board. As a matter of fact, Akai could go the extra step and provide it's own internal mixer with 8 (or so!) freely assignable dynamics processors (compressor/limiter/gate treatments) which are also seperate of the fx board. Also the ability to master all 16 tracks down to 2 dedicated master tracks would also be most welcome saving the hassle of having to master to DAT or another medium 1st. Seriously, multiband mastering fx should be added which can be 'strapped' accross the master outs for polishing that final mix which will get burned directly onto CD.

The user interface is a joy to use and those 6 dedicated 'Q link' knobs are great for adjusting eq and fx parameters. However, Akai should also consider adding dedicated eq and fx 'libraries' for storing your own settings which can be used in multiple projects (like Yamaha's AW4416).

All in all, I'm seriously looking at one of these units as a possible alternative to a MacG4/001 system and a Yamaha AW4416. Yes it's not quite as flexible and as powerful as the other 2 systems but for the money you get a hell of a lot of power and features. Nice one Akai!!!! With the extra features added (listed above) this unit would get an 11 out of 10!!!!

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Friday, 05-Jan-01 at 7:50
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