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smithy a part-timer user from UK writes:
Good sounding desk, the compressors and eq(on each channel) work well, does everything i need it to. Sound quality is good, only complaint is about support from Tascam. I had to make analogue cables myself but it was no problem, had it delivered from Turnkey and i aint looked back since.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Thursday, 04-Mar-04 at 17:20
acidhead a hobbyist user writes:
to nick ,

posted Tuesday, 12-Aug-03 at 12:27
my first digital mixer - i love it to bits - had probs with clicking on analog boards but thats about it really - it works fine now ??? anyway - no other problems so far - sounds amazing - really nice compression in it - does what it says on the tin and for £1500 from turnkey !!! love it :)

posted Monday, 03-Feb-03 at 15:31
thanx 4 the update

posted Saturday, 09-Mar-02 at 3:18
Nik a Professional user from Italy writes:
It's a good mixer but there are some problems not very acceptable for this price level (for professional use):

1-Buss outs and Direct outs aren't reassignable (if are installed different type of expansion out it's a great problem)

2-Analog expansion (8in+8out) have an input level too low for connect keyboards or mics

3-Using meter bridge to exchange trough layers selecting layers need forced to hold the shift button (not momentary) that change everytime it's state (this isn't user friendly!!!)

4-Monitor sometime don't turn on!!!

5-For AD expansion (analog) isn't provided a connecting box (you must build it!!!!)

6-No update are made by Tascam (i.e. for free select mix and mbridge layer ... I asked it)

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Friday, 28-Dec-01 at 20:52
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