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Darren Cooper from USA writes:
I can't believe I forgot to rate it!!!(what an imbecile)

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Sunday, 01-Apr-01 at 16:55
Darren Cooper a part-timer user from USA writes:
I don't see how anyone can dis has to be the most integrated and intuitive program I've ever used. Propellerhead have done it again! Here's a neat little trick!(although people have probably found easier ways to do this) With the curve function on the Matrix module, make a unipolar triangle(for example)shape using 64th note resolution and save it...that way you've always got a midi-sync triangle LFO.

posted Sunday, 01-Apr-01 at 15:54
Robot909 a part-timer user from USA writes:
I was very reluctant to try out Reason due to the fact I'm used to running a midi based system. After trying the software on a Celeron 466 with 150mg ram, and a pulsar 1 card, I'd have to say I'm impressed so far. The sound is very good, and so is the sequencer, I'm used to working in Logic, and the Reason's seq. makes sense. The sampler seems to have a latency (other instruments seem to have less than 20ms) but I think midi has something to do with it. I'm not going to complain and moan about other stuff as I do not expect this to be a all in one solution. The main outs are going through the pulsar big mixer and it all seems to work good. Sure beats carrying around racks and keyboards and stuff. Can't wait to intergrate this into a live setup. I wonder if its going to be possible to add synths/drum machines/effects like in the Pulsar enviroment, in the future... overall I think this is a awesome piece of software! the people who made it deserve great congratulations!


Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Sunday, 01-Apr-01 at 3:2
nathan kaines a Professional user from USA writes:
Well after years of hearing about "project x" and Seeing so many all in one packs come out. Reason is well worth the wait. The Propellerheads got me into making music with Rebirth, now they have continued theyr influence with this killer software. I bought all my gear to get away from software and computers but Reason has dragged me back in. Sure there are limitations, like no vst2 instruments, but who cares, use cubase. All i hear is people getting excited about something and then when its out they bash it. My guess is they either dont have the money to buy it or they dont have the time to fully use it. Nothing will ever perfect. I dont remember hearing musicians complain like this 10 years ago.

Anyway the Subtractor, very cool. Sure it cant do natural instruments, or emulate other synths perfectly, but the way i look at it its supposed to be something new. And it is very good sounding.

The Dr. Rex and nn19 are killer, if you have old drumloops you dont use cuz theyr overplayed you can now mangle em and get new life from them. Im sampler everything with my minidisc and AT 822 mic. The load it in the comp and mangle it.

The Redrum is way cool, im so used to x0x style drumming from rebirth its nice to know i have a choice to program that way or directly into the sequencer.

The matrix also adds familiarity to programming the 303's in Rebirth and if experimented with it can create some wicked textures.

Overall the sound is killer, i would like the see a better distortion though, but all in all for 279$ what can be better? If you make trance, DnB, industrial, polka or whatever this program kills. And i dont think it can be compared to Orion or Fruityloops, sure theyr cool programs, but i think all they have over Reason is cheaper price. So please dont complain about Reason till youve fully tested it. And then experiment, do something new.

Also the sound is killer, i have it running through a Seasound system, with 4 different Studio monitors to chooe from, and it blows me away how good this program sounds. I wish so bad i had this program years ago.

If your serious about your music, and have little money to buy hardware, get this program, but if you have little patience to learn, and want to pump out trax as fast as you can, go buy a mc303, or some other groove program, and then succeed in littering the net with more repetitive music that jsut takes up space.

Oh and another thing, reaon songs being around 28k to 2 megs make it so easy to send songs to freinds over the net and collaborate. Seriously cool.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Friday, 30-Mar-01 at 4:5
DC a hobbyist user from UK writes:
Great piece of kit, Im selling my sampler and sequencer because of it. The only things I would like to see are more varied and extreme effects, and to have more channels of EQ available on the desk (4 or 5 channels with different eq models available) . The distortion is a bit lame in my opinion, but this could be easily rectified in Reason 2.0

If you dont have much hardware kit already just buy it, you wont be disappointed.

posted Wednesday, 21-Mar-01 at 11:23
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