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Muggy a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I'm not a professional, and I don't know how to use the thing yet, but I will say I'm confident of the value given the retail tag, which can only get better once I do learn how to use it! A no-brainer for any "softies" without the dough to lean on hard equipment. AKA: 90% of us!!! I'm not going to use Reason for Sampling (I'm using a hard sampler)or even much drumming (I'm taking care of that on a V-Session TD-10), but the synthesizing (Subtractor and Graintable) are worth the tag by themselves. Also, there are some serious demo songs on the Installer!!! BUY IT!!! Don't listen to goofballs who rip on it and don't say why. They probably grabbed a crack and aren't happy because Proppellerhead caught them in their game. Regarding the sequencer, give the program a break! You're not going to get Logic 7 or Pro Tools HD out of $299 catch-all loop/synth program.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 02-Mar-05 at 18:0
SpeckO writes:
I use Cubase with Reason in my own studio, and teach Protools & Cubase & Reason at work.

Cubase 2 seems near flawless with its integration of Reason Engine. Cubase 1 had some jumpy start stops with playback and a few other tiny things. Cubase 2 seems to solve any probs.

Protools is good with Reason, tho I find it not as good as Cubase for two Reasons, one of them niggling...

1) the actual Rewire setup uses inserts instead of the very simple Rewire interface Cubase provides. Like I said, niggling, and I only notice it as I've found it more difficult to teach than Cubase in that respect.

2) the marker that holds your loop points jumps around if set in Reason, but I've only just thought to set the loop in Protools instead (should've known this already!), so this may be even less valid than my niggling first point! :) .

To ultimately answer the question, it works fine with Protools, Cubase 2 & Sonar. These three I have tested, the first two extensively.

posted Friday, 19-Nov-04 at 1:35
Nick Batt a Professional user from UK writes:
SpeckO is right on there - the integration with Logic via ReWire under OS X is excellent, although I'm not sure it runs that well with ProTools? - Perhaps someone can clarify

posted Tuesday, 16-Nov-04 at 4:43
SpeckO a Professional user from OZtralia writes:
Nick Batt said below:

"Where it still falls down is the integration into other DAW software so you can run it like an instrument from within your work environment "

Rewire is your friend in this case, and it opens up exactly the options you mention aren't available: namely the ability to run Reason relatively seamlesly as a pseudo plugin/insert/Rewire device within/alongside your HD/seq app of choice namely Cubase, Sonar, Protools etc etc...

As stated below by another, Rewire also seems to allow for Reasons use of the Hosts audio engine, and I'm a big fan of doing mixes that use both the Reason mixer and effects for a certain sound, and many rewire channels & VST FX also for that sound. They and the hardware/the analogues all have their own sound, and they each seem to complement each other...

posted Monday, 15-Nov-04 at 10:19
Rich a part-timer user from UK writes:
Everyone on about hardware - get a grip! I have owned many synths, samplers and computers and lost alot of money. Reason is so well priced and if used properly can produce excellent results. How many people have spent loads and loads on gear only realising that quality music isn't as easy after all. Reason is accessible and doesn't use loads of plugs and wires. By software standards it is incredibly stable and low on computer spec required.

It sounds as good (or can be made to) as most hardware (my mate spent £13,000 on a studio, and then heard Reason!). To me it changed the way that I write music, it does away with all the hassle and complications like and gets better with age.

Basically it is intuitive and inexpensive and can achieve the sort of sound that was only dreamed of a few years ago, it wraps it all up on one CD rom.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 10-Nov-04 at 18:57
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