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mrX a part-timer user from Finland writes:
So ok they've done it, finally. No more need to buy lot of gear to make good music. There have been solutions like creamware cards but finally there is a complete solution that has it all. Sequencer FX modules, sampler, synthesizer, drum computer. Phew. Everything a starting electronic music hobbyist needs. I can see this one even in pro setup when integrated with cubase and other external stuff. If I'd have to complain about something it would be that there is no multilayer sampling and the mixer could have more aux busses yadayada. it however remains that it's a great solution. Best there is for the money IMHO. Just get a decent good soundcard with fast asio drivers and 24/96khz converters (you can get them cheap now!) and you're ready to go. No more latency and it's very CPU easy too. With todays 1GHz computers you can have your racks loaded with stuff and still leave some breathing room for your CPU. I just gave it 9 because nothing is perfect but it's damn close.. I'll definitely buy it when my next paycheck arrives.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Saturday, 10-Feb-01 at 10:32
Steve a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I've been using Reason (the software that is) for a month now and have made more progress and had more fun than in the past year. It's intuative and easy to configure. It lets you spend your time making music instead of fiddling with hardware. It works amazingly well with my other gear. In addition to the internal sequencer I'm using my Yamaha RM1x for sequencing and using Yamahas and my own presets. My Roland XP-30 also works great for playing live thru Reason. I can now take my entire studio with me when I travel, well sort of anyway. I just take along a Powerbook G3/500, Reason, headphones and a Roland pc-300 controller and I have everything I need to make music with a monster rack of synths, samplers, drum machines, mixers, Rex player and effects units. If I were a hardware manufacturer I'd be pretty frightened by this software. I may be wrong but I believe Reason will do for making music what Photoshop did for printing and publishing. Thats not all good though because like photoshop it means a lot of people with very little talent or skill will be flooding the internet and airwaves with utter shite but come to think of it they are already cluttered with shite. Any reasonable person has no reason not to buy Reason. score11

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Thursday, 08-Feb-01 at 13:18
griffin a hobbyist user from uk writes:
Just a word about Recycle. I was planning to get this for use with Reason but i got a Sounblaster Live Platinum 5.1 which comes with Recycle Lite for use with soundfonts and these files also work with Dr Rex so that saved me £160 lovely.As for Reason i think it's intuitive and sounds good, nice one Proppellerhead.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 07-Feb-01 at 12:4
Solarkat a part-timer user from USA writes:
Reason is excellent. I got it a week ago and a half ago, and dropped some of the midi beats I had running to my sampler and Airbase into it. I took some percussion loops, and some full tracks i wrote out on it, and was performing my own tunes live by the weekend. This program is a seemless creative tool for one like me. I have always been turned off by the fact that editing takes place in my computer, but the fun of playing only comes from my hardware. Reason is the answer. The sound quality is amazing, and my tunes get better treatment from Reason than they did from my sampler.

I love Reason, I think it is the future of music creation. It won't automatically make good music for you, but it will shortcut all the BS involved with usual sampling and sample transfer and funny file formats, etc. And with my laptop and the new MOTU 828 firewire interface, it will be a juggernaut. If you think the sound quality sucks, your ears must be damaged. I played a live set with Reason last weekend, and was blown away by the life my tracks had on the big sound system... and judging by the horde of sweaty dancers and trainspotters, I would say the floor was too. Grab a copy and load up your samples, see if you are not impressed. Enjoy.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Thursday, 01-Feb-01 at 17:13
Mario a part-timer user from USA writes:
This program kicks ass. It's what all user interfaces should be. Everything works as you would expect it to. The program is immediately useable by anybody with any experience in a basic midi studio. As a former hardware junky, this program has forced me to rethink my approach to creating music. I am going to convert over to software based instruments starting with Reason. The program is so intuitive and inspiring at the same time. Considering the cost and the fact that it is 100 % native, it sounds great. The included library is more than adequate and will be easily updated. Buy this program.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Thursday, 01-Feb-01 at 12:49
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