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xonar from netherlands writes:
Pure amatuer stuff here. Buy hardware if you want sound quality. Listento the radio and you wont hear any reason songs on there.

say no more

Rating: 2 out of 10 posted Thursday, 19-Feb-04 at 1:22
The Melodist writes:
Reason is a great program at a great price. All the talk of "bad sound quality" can be attributed to the producer. As an experienced user of all types of harware/software I will say that Reason's synths can produce just as good of sounds as any other. Reason is not a mastering program, however. And the props have never claimed it to be...Rewire to Cubase or Protools and whaalaa there you have it, all the mastering plug-ins you need. The in depth samplers in Reason are by far somie of the most efficient and in-depth samples you can buy. An easy to use sequencer gets the job done just fine. It has a reversable user interface that to this day still makes my jaw drop. The REX. format is gaining popularity each and every day and with Reason you get one of the best REX. players available.

Have a nice Day.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Monday, 16-Feb-04 at 16:42
zeroslug a hobbyist user from NY USA writes:
hmm the reviews have been a bit heated eh? heh, well being a Reason user it's a decent program (especially wut it does for the money). I use mine for getting down basic ideas and just to screw around with, it's just fun to use, quick and easy for jotting down some ideas. And as for all gear (soft/hard) having just one piece isn't gonna get ya an overnight studio...heh. Isn't perfect but it's a damn good program that's in the price range of younger ethusiasts, or just hobbyists. If you go to SAE or any other fine audio engineering schools you'll know that Reason is great for pluggin in, heh and you have to imagine wut it feels like for those who don't have access to Protools and other $$$ audio gear. I'd still recommend this program to anyone who wants to dip into some software sequencing, since its low system requirements, just be prepared to get more gear to compensate for Reason's flaws.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Friday, 13-Feb-04 at 23:16
Hey Anothony... Yup it's exactly who you think it is! =) How you doin bud? Anyway, Reason is definatly lacking the speaker molesting characteristics of alot of hardware.... BUT, and a big BUTT, that is, this can be fixed of course through the tracking and mixing stage. I rewire my Reason into Protools synced up with my Triton Studio and a few other peices and I love it. It really has changed the way I work for the BEST. But, my rating still stands at 8... It is not perfect, but it sure the hell is getting there with time.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Friday, 13-Feb-04 at 15:14
Anthony from OZ writes:
I'm expanding on an earlier review.......

the sequencer is but fine for most electronic work. If it lacks...please tell people where...rather than saying it just sucks.

regarding RAM usage....It's very efficient...CPU use...the same. It's very stable & effiecient. Try running anything like Cubase or Pro-tools on any old PC and see how it goes after a while......hit and miss. Yet you can throw Reason on nearly ANY computer...and it still runs well.

"Ok little kiddies. If you know your shit than you will admit that Reason is lacking in sound quality no matter what.".

I hope that's not who i think it is! Reasons synths aren't the fattest in the world...but lacking sound quality? That's so vague! How exactly is it lacking in sound quality? We have sampled many different synths into Reason....Virus...Micro Q, Juno...jupiter..MS20 etc etc... and we have gotten 99% excellent results. We use VST filters and FX to get the sound similar to the h'ware version.... anyone with a decent sound source can get Reason sounding similar to that source. High Quality interpolation set's all samplers to a higher rate...fine for the work I do.

So many people grab a demo or a crack of this program....and run a few presets in it...hoping to get a great sound. This program starts to come into its own when you start adding your own WAV's / AIFF's and Re-wiring it to another App, which i'm sure some of you do.

Reason is freakin cheap for what it does.....if your ready to go further than it can provide...and want to up the ante on thje's MADE to be rewired...doing which completely negates most of the so-called 'negatives' like the sequencer and EQ's & filters (which IMO are OK...not fab).

Anyone telling us it lacks in sound quality...say how!!!! I hear it said sometimes...but I use and TEACH the program everyday @ SAE!!!!! I hear Protools,Cubase, Logic and Reason being used on a daily basis , and i go home to Cubase SX and Reason 2.5...and I'm telling you guys if you think the sound quality has issues....then I'd appreciate you saying where and how.

I've heard SHIT come out of ALL the above programs...and I've heard some pretty amazing stuff also come out of the above group........

An artist called Motion Worker has just released an amazing CD done entirely in Reason.....there is NO hint on the whole CD that it was done with Reason........ a good artist who wants to can allow the medium used to create the art to become invisible.

The Prodigy is using Reason then dumping it to protools....this is an act that has been around since b4 i started (and finished) raving....and they have been thru the WORKS in terms equipment useage. They say the same thing many people see:

that Reason is so popular not because it REPLACES hardware (which is really a marketing ploy by Props)...but because it offers a FRESH and NEW perspective on writing music that still fits perfectly for those who either are old gear gurus... or have never layed hands on a synth in their life! It's very adaptable.

Don't ever let anyone tell you something like this can or cannot replace hardware...or be used professionally.

It, along with other bits and pieces HAS replaced h'ware for me and a colleague or two,,,in the sense that we still use Hware to sample.....but Reason and Cubase/Logic pretty much do the rest!

i'm not going to score as i already have.

posted Friday, 13-Feb-04 at 4:54
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