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ben from denmark writes:
reason sucks, crap software, if it were a store it would be a wallmart, make that a super wallmart..

The sequencer is the worst thing ever made, complete and utter garbage... stay away

Rating: 1 out of 10 posted Friday, 13-Feb-04 at 0:40
This software is overrated, although the drum machine is cool.. The sequencer sucks and it is hard to get the sounds i want into other programs (you need ALOT of ram to get any drop of use from this hog).. I hate reason, but it tought me the basics of electronic music production. Try stuff by Native Instruments or Ableton, youll have more fun and it is usable.

Rating: 1 out of 10 posted Friday, 13-Feb-04 at 0:39
"you can make reason sound really good...just stop using the preset samples and patches....make your own, and experiment.... just like all hard- and soft-ware it takes time to get to know a certain piece of musical gear....

i have plenty of (digital and analogue) hardware, and i can make reason sound just the same...."

Ok little kiddies. If you know your shit than you will admit that Reason is lacking in sound quality no matter what. Sorry to say but a $300 program can only go so far and Reason does impress for the money, no doubt about that. But, it in NO WAY does it replace hardware. It is a great compliment to my hardware but DEFINATLY does not replace it. Suck it up and learn your shit. Oh, and by the way gaby, I go to SAE NYC and have been engineering and producing for 5 years. Sooo... you go to school...

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Thursday, 12-Feb-04 at 21:32
Trevor a hobbyist user from canada writes:
I think that reason is a great peice of softwear but i am wondering how do i take the samples i have in .wav or other formats and load them into subtractor and make them .zyp files?

posted Thursday, 12-Feb-04 at 14:58
richard graham a hobbyist user from uk writes:
Reason is an excellent product. BUT the best sounding synth I have is an old Roland SH3A, whose tones are deeper, clearer, raw-er and generally more powerful than my both Reason and my (5- year old) Yamaha DJX (although this was an excellent, cheap and versatile instrument when I got it). Reason is also excellent, cheap and versatile. Does an individual mono voice on the Subtractor sound as good as the SH3A? No. Can the SH3A do midi, polyphony, multitimbrality, drums, reverbs and FX, sequencing, sampling, etc, etc? NO! And Reason can... Should I stick to the SH3A, an old HR16 drum machine and a four-track with external reverb and delay? CAN I make cutting edge music with this setup? Should I go back to using my Atari ST and DJX? Probably not. Reason is a whole new box of tricks. The temptation may be to make bland, generic dance tracks, but for CHRISTSAKE look @ what Tomita and Wendy Carlos did with a moog monosynth in the 70s! That took HARD WORK and INVENTIVENESS. People should try applying some of this before criticising Reason, which like anything else can be used well or badly. Reason is a genuinely GREAT piece of software. It may not be perfect but I've not heard v2.5 yet, and none of us have seen and heard what the Propellerheads guys can do with all that new processor power that has fallen into our collective musical lap! (v3 anyone?)

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Friday, 24-Oct-03 at 4:40
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