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swedish_blonde_hunk from Sweden writes:
REASON looks good, but what is looks...the main thing is sounds like shit when you compare it with hard ware (or even fruity loops for the matter)...propellerheads did some tradeoff for the sound quality for stability so their software won't crash..

I am happy with my hardware, nord lead3, virus c, yamaha cs6x, yamaha rs7000, waldorf rack attack........aaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!! compare that with the propellerheads reason....propellerheads hangs in shame...but ofcourse if you want cheap, get preopellerheads

Rating: 5 out of 10 posted Saturday, 30-Aug-03 at 16:15
Curious from NYC writes:
Am I just spoiled on an antiquated sound or something? Where is the beef with this Reason thing? Help me convert. I would love to just use my laptop and a Radius or whatever to make hits. How do you get it to sound like a real peice of gear?

posted Saturday, 30-Aug-03 at 1:50
Curious from NYC writes:
I know that lots of folks dig on Reason 4 its ease of use, price, and options but is it just me or does it seem that with all the cool things it can do it really doesn't sound as "big" or "full" as a hardware synth or sampler? I know a few people that use Reason and their tracks all have this certain toyish sound to them. Don't get me wrong some of the stuff they do is cool but it doesn't have the punch and presence that hardware has. Anyone used to working with hardware will know what I mean.Hardware gear have a certain thickness to the sound as opposed to Reasons thinness. I would like to go the software route and do everything on my computer but I need more substance. How? Why is it that way? Lemme know...

posted Saturday, 30-Aug-03 at 1:35
REZA a part-timer user from IRAN writes:

Rating: 1 out of 10 posted Friday, 29-Aug-03 at 8:8
Michael from USA writes:
I hate Reason. I bought the thing then found out that if I want the update 2.0 I have to buy it. The thing isn't all that great. I've been using Fruiyloops and Storm and found them musch better. I still use Rebirth 2.0 but Reason just doesn't cut it in my book.

Rating: 3 out of 10 posted Thursday, 19-Dec-02 at 10:23
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