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Average rating: 8.3/10 out of 10

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Joe a hobbyist user from US writes:
First off, anybody dismissing this great piece of software as a toy is on some weird, gear-snob trip, and couldn't make a decent tune with a roomful of Access, Waldorf, and Novation gear. Reason is hands down the best bang-for-buck piece of software around. It's also the most-user-friendly. If you're just starting to make music on the computer, start with Reason.

Reason is primarily a dance music tool, but there are enough decent acoustic drum (except cymbals) and instrument (except guitar, but whoever uses guitar samples should have their head examined, anyway) samples in the Factory Sound Bank to create virtually any kind of music.

Another great feature is that just about everything can be automated: from all parameters within the modules, to the volume, panning, and effect levels of each track in the mixer. Also, you can export either loops or the entire song as a .wav file, which you can obviously then edit in Cool Edit, Sound Forge, etc.

Reason is greater than the sum of its parts, partly because it’s so easy to use, and partly because it’s so convenient to have basically an entire studio right there in front of you, where you can freely add as many components as you want/computer will allow (and it’s very easy on the CPU: I’ve got a PIII, 800mhz, 512mb of ram set-up, and I literally can’t max out the CPU usage). The SubTractor synth isn't as beefy as some of the better VSTis out there, and the NN19 is a limited sampler, but ReDrum is fantastic, and easy to use, and you can import ANY sample in wav or aif format into it. The Matrix pattern sequencer goes a long way to help contour your sounds in a more expressive way, as well.

The interface gets a 10, but the actual sounds in it get a 7 1/2-8, so that's basically a 9. Get Reason, ESPECIALLY if you're just starting to make music on the computer. If you're using Cubase/Logic, and have a nice selection of VSTis, and everything's running smooth on your set-up, you can pass on Reason, but otherwise, it's a steal.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Saturday, 08-Sep-01 at 14:38
Malfunkt a hobbyist user from Canada writes:
This program is very fun to play with. However there are some things I would like to see implemented in a new version: 1. The sampler/drumsampler should play back at higher bit resolutions than 16bit. 2. More modulation possibilities (loop point x-fades in sampler, etc.) 3. the ability to send MIDI to external synths 4. VST plugin ability 5. might as well throw in hard-disk recording too :). I cannot believe that this program doesn't SEND out midi note on and off messages! It would be the ultimate sequencer... sure you can export as MIDI but that is not real-time. The Subtractor synth is okay, it has a nice sound but is no comparison to say Absynth or Reakor. I still use it though. I'm sure my wish list would make it more expensive but I find the interface and easy of use very inspiring that I would like to see Propellerheads go all the way and make something truly awesome. The alternative to Reason is to use Cubase with VSTi plugins such as HALion, Battery, Pro52, Wave Gold , etc. The sound quality that can be achieved is enough to make me work more in a VST environment. Regardless Reason is a great tool/toy and I highly recommend it.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Friday, 31-Aug-01 at 14:28
lucio a part-timer user from usa writes:
Reason is a great musical instrument, I love it, I love music and I love the ways to make it.

posted Wednesday, 29-Aug-01 at 6:7
hlynur a Professional user writes:
I juse this softwere to get my ideas done quikli on my Titanium and some of the the sound´s i drop in to my Protool´s and some i will chance and go for my hardwere synths but what i like with Reason is how easy it is to bang down a beat . I did 10 song´s in one day that is how easy it is to juce so go and get on .

Rating: 6 out of 10 posted Monday, 27-Aug-01 at 21:8
Davide a hobbyist user from Austria writes:
This software sounds good, but if you are used to professional synth and sequencer you will miss a lot of features. The synth is good, as well as the drum machine and the Recycle loops. The sampler is not a sampler and is difficult to manage (the user manual does not help much). The effects are useless. You have to use lot of EQ to get the sounds right. I would say it is really a good choice if you want to start and have your studio in a PC and not give away lot of money in equipment.

Rating: 7 out of 10 posted Monday, 27-Aug-01 at 5:2
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