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Is your mouse on the same IRQ as the Audiophile? Lets take it to the Gas Station.........

posted Thursday, 06-Mar-03 at 13:21
anyone know why my audiophile works great under 98se / me but when its on xp i get clicks when playing music and changing webpages ?

it is a amd / via chipset but it worked fine with the old os ?

posted Sunday, 02-Mar-03 at 19:30
SpeckO a Professional user from OZ writes:
See post below

posted Sunday, 02-Mar-03 at 3:32
"Avoid AMD with VIA chipset"

Agreed. SIs chipset seems to be fine. ECS k7s5a & ASUS A7S come to mind.

Make sure Audiophile is not sharing an IRQ with anything else, or you may be asking for trouble .

Sorry this isn't a review, but it's intended to help people who are trying to avoid problems when using this card (popping & clicking being the main one).

I give it 9.5 for it's flawless operation, pristine sound and lovely blue colour.

posted Sunday, 02-Mar-03 at 3:28
Raoul a Professional user from France writes:
Great soundcard. price is ridiculous considering what you can do with it.

Sound is pristine.

Installation is very very easy. I've done it in 5 minutes !

No probs at all.

My P4 2Ghz with win xp loves it.

Avoid AMD with via chipset !

Truly : a dream.

Best audiocard money can buy for that price !

No need to say, I sold my G4 with my digi 001, as soon as I could A/B test my 2 configs.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 26-Feb-03 at 6:38
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