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Quinn a part-timer user from USA writes:
Oops. I just noticed this was a discussion for the audiophile 2496, not the omni studio. Sorry about that. Nevertheless, hopefully what I had say will be useful for those of you having click/pop problems.

posted Friday, 09-Aug-02 at 17:12
Quinn Andrews a part-timer user from USA writes:
I've had trouble with pops and clicks when playing back and recording through my Omni Studio bundle using Cubase VST/32. After troubleshooting the problem over a few weeks I finally discovered that the problems go away when I unplugged my network adapter from the usb port. I really don't know if the culprit was putting things in the usb port, the particular network adapter I use, being constantly connected to the internet via cable modem, or irq conflict with the hardrive controller I record audio through (my usb controllers and promise ultra100 controller share the same irq--a rather stupid installation move on my part).

For now what I do is simply unplug the adapter from my usb port when I do audio work. It's a pain in the butt, but it works for now. Someday I will take the time to test a pci adapter.

Anyway, now that it works, I am really happy to use the Omni Studio. The sound is remarkable, especially when using Cubase's 32bit true tape technology. The sound is really quite clean.

I would give the Omni Studio a 10 for quality and design, but since it's so picky about hardware configurations, I can't give it any more than a nine.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Friday, 09-Aug-02 at 16:23
SpeckO from OZ writes:
Random clicks and pops for me too. It could be 'cos of my VIA KT133 chipset. It could be because of other things, but i'm determined to sort it out.

I know the card sounds very clean and hissless when it's working well. I can turn it up all the way on my mixer, and the first sound I hear is computer modulation noise, and only then when the volumes are up full! No hiss whatsoever! recorded audio sounds pretty much as I put it in.

As far as the chipset issues, popping and clicking and all that: the box gives system recommendations fo optimum performance. Nowhere does it say we have to have certain chipsets or special system boots. We buy a card expecting it to work, and if we encounter problems along the way, then we can't go blaming the system can we? Well, in the real world we can, because we know that certain systems are inherently dodgy when it comes to audio work. But i know there are plenty of audio cards out there that are far more forgiving when it comes to system spec.

I'm not going to rate this baby till I sort out the problem. And I know I will.

So far, a great, but picky card.

posted Thursday, 01-Aug-02 at 9:21
Eric a Professional user writes:
I run this card in ACPI-mode and have no problems at all (Win XP). If you get pops and clicks. But if you still get pops and clicks then change to Standard PC, you can do that without to reinstall the whole OS, but windows is kind of crappy so if you still have problems after you changed, you probably have to reinstall the whole OS... The PC drivers are very good and up to date... I've also been in contact with the support and they are very helpfull.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Sunday, 21-Jul-02 at 12:55
Martin from Sweden writes:
This is probably one of the best cards for a price as low as this. If you have problems with pops and clicks it's most certenly your motherboard that is bad, not the soundcard, mainboard with the chipset KT133/686B is ecspecially no good cards for audio-cards in general, and this has nothing to do with the audio-cars but the buggy VIA chipset. I first put my audiophile into my computer with ABIT K7T-RAID (KT133 Chipset) and it did pop and click alot, then I moved it to my computer with an ASUS A7V333 mainboard (KT333 chipset) and the card was working like a charm. If you want a good audio-card and don't need several inputs and outputs but still want the quality of a professional card, then buy this, but if you have a mainboard with the buggy VIA KT133 chipset, first consider to buy a new mainboard... ;) I use it in Win XP and it works very good.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Sunday, 21-Jul-02 at 12:41
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