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Chris Morgan a Professional user from USA writes:
I've had the BR-8 for 3 years and have had absolutely no problem with it. Some reviewers have laughed at the 64-virtual tracks or complain about the rythym guide sounding bland. Hello!!! The rythym guide is merely a metronome, not a drum machine. I run the Boss DR-770 through the 1st two tracks & it sounds mint. I have fooled some into thinking it was a real drummer. Those who complain about the virtual tracks have never heard of "bouncing", which you get no degradation of sound or sonics. Bottom line: if you can't handle the basics of a BR-8, then you must know next to nothing about recording techniques of either analog or digital equipment. If Sgt. Pepper was done on an ancient 4-track unit, you should have know problem making an adequate demo with the BR-8. If you can't handle the BR-8, then run like hell from Pro-Tools or any other kind of "professional" equipment done in "real" studios, because you will lose your fucking mind. The BR-8 is more than adequate!

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Saturday, 06-Nov-04 at 11:24
Rob a Professional user from canada writes:
hi can somebody help me? ive just recorded some music on my BR 8 and i have a problem during playback for about 10 sec, into the song all of a sudden it says "Drive busy" then it stops can anybody help?

posted Wednesday, 23-Jul-03 at 7:52
MichaelKing a hobbyist user from US writes:
if your a newbie or has a bedroom about the size of a typical toilet go for this br8 it has many handy stuffs but don't expect too much for quality. if you want audio quality and expandability go for something like a MD4/MD8/Tascam 564 or Roland VS recorder etc. slowly build up your equipments and if the recorder no longer fit your job sell it and buy 1 that suit your need but keep your favourite fx and dynamic processor. good luck!

Rating: 5 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 27-May-03 at 9:4
tmcdanil a part-timer user from usa writes:
Ive had my br-8 for over a year now, its the perfect thing for people who love the simplicity of cassette machines but want the sound of digital. Im looking to sell mine only because Im using my pc now to record. IM selling it for 500 dollars and that includes 10 zip disks. It has original box, manual etc. email me if interested.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 05-Mar-02 at 11:41
dom a part-timer user from poland writes:
spent 30mins with my hands on this box and saw through it. If you need an 8track and ease of use but you'll also have to stick to available options(of course!). I didn't get it cause quite like messing around while mixing and having different options to choose from. After having checked few boxes of this kind I finally got Korg D16 sixteen track, touch view display, plenty of effects (with most parameters of a dedicated unit),small in size (only slightly bigger than br-8 but built more solidly),xlr inputs, records 8 tracks at once,uncompressed sound,etc. if you're slightly more demanding and can stretch your budget up to £600 s/h go for Korg. If you're reasonably new to multitracking and not too fussy Roland should be ok for you. cheers

posted Friday, 25-Jan-02 at 19:15
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