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Markus a hobbyist user from Germany writes:
As FAT as ONE can get

I bought my Fat 1 a month ago, and fell in love with it right away. I was looking for a compressor solution for a few months now and have listened to a lot of software and hardware compressors, when I stumbled accidently over the Fatman. I was taken by the "ease of use" concept of the red box immediatly and started hunting for one, since this little gem isn´t produced anymore. I ended up paying $264 and never regretted it, ever since. My first reason to choose the Fat 1 was because of the direct out-of-the-box fun and it had a real VALVE and a superior transconductance amplifier, instead of a VCA and some kind of semi auto-attack and -release circuit built in, since it has only two Attack and Release times that are fast or slow. So if you don´t need 100% compressor control, like me, it is a perfect solution, since the sound makes all up for it. No matter what you feed into it, you will always get a smooth, warm and really FAT sound out of it, that will please you in every way. And considering the money spent I am simply amazed. The valve can deliver distortion BIG TIME and get also get quite noisy, too. For Example, when you turn Input and Output Gain and the Compressor MakeUpto max right, you can amplifiy the VALVE noise to about-6dbFS, measured in ProTools. The Fat one has a signal/noise of 78bB, enough for most cases and even better then a TLA 5021. But with the right settings you will get to your desired sound in less than three minutes alive and swinging without noticeable noiselevel. The Compressor is very usable on ALL kinds of sounds feed into it and will always deliver very good, pleasing and smooth results. I use my Fatman most of the time to, well fatten up sounds from virtual analogue (software) synthies and it really works. Even lame sounds can begin to sparkle with a bit of analogue and vivid timbre you normally get ONLY from the REAL thing. Of course, the Fatman cannot do miracles but can surley make the difference. I can recommend this piece of hardware to anyone who´s looking for a warm good valve compressor with a decent price tag, a slim easy manual and no hassle fiddle hardware. Open up, connect and have fun, that´s it and damn cool by the way:-) But do not use the nobs stickers, they suck.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Monday, 30-Dec-02 at 21:33
Michael a part-timer user from England writes:
Designed andproduced by TL Audio - acknowledged leaders in the field of valve technology - the FAT 1 is the most instant, user-friendly and fattest sounding compressor for the cash. Soon as I got it out of the box, and hooked it up it was damn easy to use due to it's well chosen set of 15 preset compression programs. All of these sound lovely and work very well with their intented source. You can adjust the makeup gain, thresh-hold, ratio, attack and release times, and compression type (soft/hard knee) manually aswell, which you may want to do if you have previous experiance using compressors. As the name implies this unit will suitably fatten up your sounds and inject a nice amount of that classic analogue valve sound into your recordings. Overall a brilliant piece of gear, easy to use, sounds amazing, great artwork, and as advertised by TL Audio you certainly get a shit load of fat for your pounds.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Saturday, 06-Oct-01 at 15:14
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