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Korgasm a Professional user from Australia writes:
I do not own a D1600 but I must say it would be the 1st hardware hard disk recorder I would consider buying.

I have my mates Roland VS1880 sitting here in my studio collecting dust not because its not a flexible great sounding unit but because it just seems so unituitive to use and the manual sux!!!!!!!!!!!

The D1600 comes stock with flexible fx (with the VS1880 you only have access to 2 stereo fx- abeit very good ones) with the D1600 you have 2 master stereo fx and up to 8 insert fx and 1 final effect for over the whole mix.

Its great that there is a built in CD burner.

I only wish Korg added more dedicated locate points, real time varispeed and dedicated knobs and swtiches for eq. At least 2 aux sends would also be nice as well as dedicated stereo returns freeing up extra mixer channels for external fx.

The unit seems very easy to use!

I must say it looks like Korg have designed this unit specifically to look good sitiing next to their Triton/Trinity range of workstations. Hook the 2 together and you have easy to use flexible synthesis and sequencing combined with hard disk recording and CD burning- NICE!

posted Wednesday, 30-Jan-02 at 7:25
caplang from denpasar, bali writes:
does anyone have this digital mixer how is it?review it plz im thinking of buying one too, my style of music is mainly is dance so im involved with lots of samples & midi so do u think this machine is suitable for my music?

posted Tuesday, 29-Jan-02 at 21:13
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