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I got the D1600mkII with the 40gig drive and faster CDRW, I used to own a D8 and a D16 so this machine is no stranger, very easy to use and understand. recording straight away out of the box. The USB connection allows me to drag and drop files onto my PC. You can even drop your finished tracks in WAV format to your PC for further editing or mixing, superb machine, get one now.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 24-Mar-04 at 12:32
Denver a Professional user from Norway writes:
This machine is great it does exactly what it is supposed to I hear every body complaining out no efect send and return but if you read on korgs web site you can just use a chanel for send and another for return then you have an efect send and return Hey is an all in one box what do you expect but i love it

posted Thursday, 11-Dec-03 at 11:5
Prescott a Professional user from USA writes:
For a home studio with the intenion of making demos this thing cannot be beat. It is the easiest one of its kind to use and has a lot more flexibility than most as well. The sound may not be on par with the Yamaha AW series but its very close. The internal effects vary, i mean i personally hate all guitar amp simulations and these are no exception. The verbs and mods are great but one thing this machine lacks is dynamic effects for each channel. There is no dedicated compression or limiter section like the other machines have. The Cd-rw should really be standard in all machines of this type and is a great feature of this meachine. All in all i love my d1600 and would definetly recommend it to anyone looking to make great sounding demos without a 2 year learning curve.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 12-Feb-02 at 15:57
irenej from Slovenia writes:
Can I try to yous your programs?

posted Wednesday, 06-Feb-02 at 4:55
supergreg a Professional user from netherland writes:
i owned this machine, the manual is ok, this unit is so easy to use, very intuitive.Just messed around with it for an hour u probably know how to record from this thing already. the cdrw is a bonus. what i dont like abt this is no effects send/return u are stuck with the onboard effects which the sound would probably dated a year from now. The onboard effects inside is ok! not bad not that good either! The mic preamp inside is very touchy i always hear hiss everytime i wanna record vocal in it. u cant synchronize D1600 with the video (smpte) so dont even think of doing a movie score/soundtrack with this thing, but hey at this point for this all in one box digital mixer like D1600 u get what u paid for. If u want to record high quality demo product then this is the way, dont expect u can do professional quality music straight away from here, cos u can't. should i recommend this thing to u? Nope, just wait for the next new digital mixer from Korg or sumthing. If u wanna make a high quality demo then this is the way, purchase it!!

Rating: 5 out of 10 posted Friday, 01-Feb-02 at 21:35
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