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audio movements from usa writes:
I really love this program. I just wish that he would improve on it. Add a synth (like sym synth or any other for that matter)....and fix the sequencer/automation a bit (a little problematic)......make the drum machine a little more flexible and you've got yourself a killer all around app.

posted Saturday, 29-Jul-00 at 7:16
Ashley Pomeroy a hobbyist user from UK writes:
I use the previous version (0.75b, I think) live quite often - you can play several loops of stereo audio at once, whilst processing them with built-in effects and accompanying them with a drum sequencer and decent TB-303 clone.

It's very good for live work - it doesn't stutter or jam, it seems quite stable (unless you spend half an hour loading and unloading samples), it's quite CPU-friendly (with my Celeron 300a I would run out of monitor space before adding enough modules to tax it), and it's quick and immediate - load up a sample, hit play, and it loops at the specified BPM.

On the down-side, the interface is very programmery (the TB303 would benefit from a tranpose control, for example, and programming it requires you click lots of notes), and it seems to be constantly in development, which tends to suggest that just one person is programming it, and that it will never be finished.

Furthermore, it's fairly limited - most of the modules are for novelty effect only, and you can't add DirectX plug-ins (at the moment).

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Monday, 13-Mar-00 at 4:43
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